Sunday, March 12, 2023

How I take care of my dry hair.

Kerastase Hair oil - How I take care of my dry hair

If you follow me for a while, you probably know that I had a few different hair color’s in recent years. I am naturally a brunette, decided I wanted red hair for a while. This was fun for about a year, but when I wanted to return to my natural hair colour, I accidentally turned my hair black… opps. 

I tried to talk myself into liking it but this really was not my colour. I looked like all the life has been sucked out of me. So I went to my hairdresser and we started on the journey to becoming a blonde. I loved my blonde balayage so much. And with every appointment I turned lighter and lighter. To be honest, blonde is probably still my fave colour on myself. However, the frequent salon visits and the damage the bleach did to my hair made me decide to go back to my brunette self. 

Eventhough no bleach or colour has touched my hair in a few years now, the ends are still telling the story of the many many bleach cycles they have been through. 

So taking care of my dry hair has been so important to me. Today I want to talk about my fave product, that really helped me with getting that shine and softness back. 

Kerastase Hair oil - How I take care of my dry hair

I simply cannot go a day without using the Kerastase Elixir Ultime L‘huile hair oil. I am simply obsessed. In general Kerastase is my go-to hair care brand. Yes, their products are not exactly in the ‚affordable‘ price range but for me is the price is more than justified. 

But if you only buy one Kerastase product, let it be this oil! I use it after styling / blow drying my hair. I simply add 1-2 pumps to my finger tips and then run them through the ends of my hair. I like to concentrate on the lower half of my hair. When I use it too far up my roots get a bit too oily too quickly. It leaves my hair so soft, nourished and silky smooth. And the smell is to die for also… 

Have you tried any Kerastase products yet? 

x Lisa