Sunday, November 14, 2021

How Art Can Transform Your Space.

*This post contains PR Samples

To me, the space around me really influences my energy and how I feel every single day. So having not only a tidy and clean home, but also one that actually feels calm and aesthetic is extremely important. However, I do not like to surround myself with too many decorative items, as too much clutter literally makes me anxious. 

With that being said, I still try to give every room in my house a unique and personal vibe. I find adding prints really makes all the difference in terms of making a room feel more personal. Today I will share with you where I like to buy all of our prints and frames. 

Many of you would have already heard about Desenio. Their beautiful prints are literally all over Instagram and I always get excited when I spot one in the background of other bloggers pictures. Their selection is honestly so huge, that there is something for everyone. I used to spend hours and hours scrolling through their selection to find the right ones for our home. I went for quite neutral colours with a natural feel to them. Most of my frames have a black frame and some are a light wooden colour. Did you know Desenio is also selling frames in all kinds of different finishes that fit their prints perfectly? The easiest all-in-one shop experience. 

I hung my fave prints right next to my makeup table. For anyone wondering, they are called "Surfers on the beach", "Stairs of art No.1" and "Eucalyptus Twigs No.2". 

Do you already have some Desenio prints in your home?

x Lisa



  1. Lovely prints! I love the Surfers on the beach in particular! Honestly, they're all so beautiful. I might have to check out Desenio! xx

    lenne |

  2. I absolutely love Desenio prints and I love the ones you have here! x

    Lucy Mary

  3. I adore Desenio prints!

    Danielle |


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