Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Ultimate SPF Roundup.

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Summer Skincare Facial SPF Sunscreen Products

As much as I am loving the extra Vitamin D and the general good vibes the sunny weather brings right now, this is also the perfect time to reevaluate your SPF game. I know, you are not only supposed to wear SPF in the summer, but every time you go outside. However, as the sun gets stronger I also like to double down on protecting my skin. So today I thought I would share with you my go-to SPF products and also explain how and when I wear each one. 

Summer Skincare Facial SPF Sunscreen Products

The CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 25 is my everyday moisturiser. I use it all year around and I just ADORE the consistency and how hydrated it leaves my skin. It's the perfect base for my makeup and I simply cannot go a day without it. A must in my beauty routine!

The Shiseido Sun Care Expert Sun Protector Face & Body Lotion SPF 50+ is THE facial SPF I love using whenever I know I will be in the sun a lot that day. It has a very similar consistency as the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+, but for some reason I just tend to use the Shiseido more often. I guess I prefer the scent a bit, other than that they are basically identical. 

Shiseido Stick Summer Skincare Facial SPF Sunscreen Products

Shiseido Stick Summer Skincare Facial SPF Sunscreen Products

Did you know you should touch up your SPF every couple of hours, even when wearing makeup? I tried using sprays on top of my makeup before but honestly, my face just felt too oily after. Then I came across the Shiseido Sun Care Clear Stick UV SPF 50+. Let me tell you, I am obsessed! It's a stick with a clear balm that you can simply glide one top of your makeup. Sure, some of the makeup transfers to your stick, depending how much product you wear. However, as I am the only one using it, I really don't care. Reapplying SPF has never been easier. Also, it's the perfect size to pop in my handbag! 

Whenever I go for a swim or a run I like to wear a sunscreen that is waterproof. For that my choice is the Avene Sun Sensitive Sport Fluid SPF 50+ is perfect for that. Yes, it is definitely heavier than my other products, however when I workout in the sun I don't really care much about any possible whitecast or oiliness. I just want my skin to be protected, all the time. 

What is your favorite SPF? 

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  1. I love La Roche Posay products and I really want to try their SPF! x

    Lucy |

  2. Would love to try the Shieseido one. I always use Nivea sun screens!


  3. Oooh I've been seeing that Shiseido sunscreen everywhere and I think it's a sign for me to try it. It must be good if everyone is using it haha. Thanks for the lovely options! xx

    lenne |

  4. I am going to have to try out some of these items!

    Danielle |

  5. I love Shiseido products; I need to try their sunscreen.

  6. Thanks for sharing such a great review!

    Make-up Look By Lisa

  7. I really gotta find that Shiseido sunscreen, I've always wanted to try and I've heard such rave reviews! I have used the La Roche Posay one for a while but I'm always looking for new SPF to try.


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