Sunday, June 6, 2021

My Everyday Bag | Saint Laurent Collège Medium.

As much as I love browsing the shops for beautiful bags, I always tend to be drawn to the same style and size of bags. 

Over the years I learned that I adore a top-handle bag, which can also be worn cross-body. It has to be able to hold my phone, cardholder, keys and a few more bits but cannot be too large. And of course, I love black bags with gold hardware. But the gold cannot be too shiny or yellow, a brassy or aged-looking gold is just the right shade for me. Well, that sounds like I am quite picky when it comes to bags, right? 

Well, I might be. But then again, if you think about spending that amount of money on a bag, you better love every single aspect. I recently sold my Gucci Dionysus Mini (which I still adore!) and thought it was time for a new everyday bag that suits my needs a bit better. 

After a lot of research, I realized that the Saint Laurent Collège Medium is just the right bag for me. A classic that will surely stand the test of time. Not only is it a cross-body / top-handle hybrid, but it also has a beautiful and comfortable chain strap that has a small leather part on the top which makes it so easy to wear. The leather I chose already has an aged or creased look to it. I always try to stay away from bags that are extremely smooth, as I know that I will end up scratching them. This will not only bother me, but also reduce the re-sell value... something I always have in mind when making my purchases. 

Which is your fave YSL bag?

x Lisa



  1. Oh, its such a gorgeous bag!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. I need this bag in my life, it's gorgeous! Perfect for everyday wear! x

    Lucy |

  3. I always love black bags for an everyday look. They go with any outfits :))

    beyond beneath

  4. Wow, that bag is awesome, so versatile! It can be combined with literally anything, looks really functional based on its size, a real everyday bag! <3

  5. This is such a gorgeous bag and one I've no doubt you get plenty of wear out of! I adore my YSL :) x

  6. I adore this Saint Laurent handbag, it is such a stunning item!

    Danielle |

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  8. Oh, such a gorgeous bag. Looks incredible with any outfits.


Thank you! xx