Sunday, March 21, 2021

Brand Focus | Bobbi Brown.

*This post contains PR Samples

About a year 
ago I didn't own anything from Bobbi Brown. However, my obsession all started with their Luxe Lip Color in "Pale Mauve". I picked it up on a random shopping spree and have worn it every day since. The formula is lightweight and moisturizing and the colour is seriously to die for, the perfect pinky nude! Since then I am hooked on Bobbi Brown products, so I thought I would share with you my fave products so far. 

The Base

I have to admit I normally skip the base step of my makeup. It's just something you can easily forget or see as unimportant. And to be fair, I also mostly agree that bases don't always hold what they promise. The Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base is so different though! It's a rich, yet lightweight base that really nourishes your skin and gives it the best prep to make your makeup look flawless. I cannot go without it anymore!

The Foundation

I like very glowy, lightweight foundations which still pack quite a bit of coverage, but don't make me look cakey. The Bobbi Brown Skin-Longwear foundation is perfect for me. The best part: it also has SPF 15, so extra protection for your skin. And did you see the shade range? I am sure everybody can find their perfect shade here! I use the shade Porcelain. 

The Corrector

I never really understand why I would need a corrector. However, I started seeing multiple beauty bloggers talk about the Bobbi Brown corrector I wanted to give it a shot. And omg! I will never be without it. I use it under my eyes, but also on some red spots, I have around my face. It neutralizes the redness and my dark circles perfectly without looking too much or unnatural like some concealers can do. I use it every single day. Even on makeup-less days and I just look fresh and well-rested. If you only get one of these products, make it this one!

The Concealer

However, when I wear a full face of makeup or have very bad spots I still need a more heavy-duty concealer. But I still don't like to use too thick concealers which just look unnatural and crease so easily. My concealer of choice is the Bobbi Brow Full Cover Concealer. Such beautiful coverage, yet very easy to blend. I love it!

The Powder

Because I was running out of my Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder I decided to pick up the Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Illuminating Powder. I always need a bit of powder to set my makeup but I still want it to look glowy and natural. This powder is basically invisible but still gives you a gorgeous glow and adds some longevity to your makeup. A new staple in my makeup bag!

The Highlighter

And of course, no look is complete without a highlighter. When I first saw the Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder in "Afternoon Glow" I thought it's to die for, but probably too much for me. However, this is just the right amount of glow for me. It doesn't look glittery or chunky on the skin but still gives you a goddess-like glow. This is my new highlighter of choice and I don't see myself switching it out any time soon. I love it. 

The Eyebrow Pencil

What is a good winged liner without the perfect eyebrows framing them? Exactly. The Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil is a godsend. The shade 'Blonde' works perfectly for my cool-toned brown hair. I also love that the pencil is not too sheer but also not too opaque at the same time. Love it!

What is your fave Bobbi Brown product?

x Lisa



  1. Their products are absolutely gorgeous!

    Candice x

  2. My mom has the same highlighter and I agree, I feel like goddess after using her Bobbi Brown highlighter haha! This is such a great post. So much great recommendations xx

    lenne |

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Glad you agree x

      x Lisa

  3. Beautiful products, I have not tried Bobby Brown products yet xx
    Elegant Duchess xx

  4. Bobbi Brown has (and always will have) a special place in my heart! I adore their flattering and natural shades. x

  5. I cannot remember the last time I tried anything by Bobbi Brown. I might have to reinvest soon!

    Danielle |

    1. Absolutely :) Such a gorgeous brand!

      x lisa

  6. I can completely understand why you got obsessed with the "Pale Mauve" lip colour. Such a nice and subtle pop of colour to add to a neutral palette! x

    Elsa |

  7. I have yet to try any Bobbi Brown products. But have heard good reviews since I was in uni!
    Great post!

    Jil Diamante

  8. LOVE this in-depth and awesome post, Lisa!! I've been looking for a terrific concealer! Thx for sharing!

    xx Sara

  9. Stunning products!

  10. I don't own anything from Bobbi Brown but I would love to! Literally all their products seem awesome and also look great. Thanks for sharing your favourites!

    Julia x
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  11. These nudes are simply lush! I adore it - and the all the glowy bits.

    Ana C,


Thank you! xx