Sunday, July 19, 2020

How I Combat The Heat In The City.

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

I recently moved to a beautiful 5th-floor apartment in Munich. As much as I love the view and the liveliness of a big city around me, one thing I do not like is experiencing the summer heat in the city. Of course, I do love hot days, but only when I can spend them laying on the lake with an ice-cold drink in my hand. But trying to work from home while sitting in 30 plus degrees, is not ideal. 

So as soon as we moved in, I started looking for ways to combat the heat in the city.
These are a few things that really helped me so far:

  1. Open your windows only early in the morning or late in the evening. 
  2. Rethink your bedsheets (maybe switch to a cooling linen fabric).
  3. Stick to cold dishes and avoid using the oven (nobody needs that extra heat).
  4. Have a spray bottle of water ready to refresh yourself when needed.
  5. Stick your pillow (or stuffed animal) into the freezer a few hours before bedtime.
  6. Get yourself a high-quality ventilator.

One thing I never realized is how (excuse me) ugly most ventilators actually look. I really took a lot of time figuring out the furniture and decor of our space, so I did not want to put just any old ventilator in any of my rooms. After a lot of research, I got stuck with Dyson. I am already a huge fan of Dyson, as I own one of their cordless hoovers and the Dyson Airwrap Styler and love them both to death. So I knew I would be getting a high-quality product.

As I was ready to splurge on an investment piece, I wanted to get more than just a ventilator. While browsing through their selection I came across the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. It not only cools your room, but can also heat it! This surely will come in handy in german winters. And what I like about it the most: It is an air purifier as well! Seriously... this thing is an all-in-one wonder. Living next to a busy road and loads of construction work, I never realized how important staying on top of your air quality is. The little display gives you an overview of the current air quality in your room, as well as the temperature and humidity in and outside of your apartment. 

It has almost become a game for us to see our Dyson signal a 'yellow' air quality shortly after opening the windows and for it to turn green again after just a few minutes. 

Oh, and before I forget it: You can link up your phone or tablet to the Ventilator and actually see all the statistics around your air quality and temperature in your room, current and past ones. And you can remotely turn the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool off and on and change the settings. This came in handy already so many times when I couldn't be bothered to get (or find...) the remote.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool iPad App

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool iPad App

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool iPad App

And for those of you who don't like the black colour, it comes in a bunch of different finishes including a white colour! But for me personally, I find the black to be absolutely classy and chic.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Farbauswahl Weiß Schwarz

Which colour would you go for?

x Lisa

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Beauty Products As Home Decor | Aesop.

* This post contains PR Samples
Aesop Products

It is no secret that I am a sucker for pretty packaging. I have to admit, that sometimes this is a bit unnecessary, especially when it comes to items that don't stay in their packaging for long, like cotton pads or a single-use sheet mask. However, there are some items where packaging should be important to everyone. And these are the beauty products which mostly live on our counters, right there for everyone to see. 

I like to keep my hand soaps, cremes, body lotions and even shampoo and conditioner bottles on my counter so they just have to fit the aesthetic of my bathroom or kitchen. One brand always does the trick for me: Aesop!

Over the past few months, I accumulated quite the Aesop collection. Their products are gorgeous and always work wonders. I am yet to find an Aesop scent that I don't like. And obviously in theme with this blogpost: Their understated and minimal packaging is everything. I know their products tend to be quite pricey. As much as I think they are worth their money, there is a simple trick if you love the Aesop aesthetic but don't want to buy a new expensive soap every month or so. In between re-buying my soaps, lotions and shampoos, I like to refill the bottles with less expensive alternatives. This way you can enjoy their packaging much longer!

Aesop Products

These are my go-to Aesop products right now: 

This shower gel does exactly what it claims: it is the best shower gel for an energizing start to the morning. I am not the biggest coriander fan, however, I don't find it smells anything like it. It simply is a fresh and boosting scent. I am in love. 

Recently my scalp has been acting up and it needed some re-balancing. This is when I saw Aesop does a re-balancing and equalising shampoo. So naturally, I had to try it. Since the past few weeks I have been using it, my scalp has calmed down dramatically. Again, it has a great and subtle scent, which simply smells like 'clean' (I hope that description makes sense to anyone..). 

Another one of my fave Aesop products. This Bodylotion is such a dream. My skin absorbs it very quickly with no sticky residue and yet it feels deeply hydrating. Exactly what I am looking for in a body lotion. The consistency is also not too thin or too thick, perfect in every way.

I have to admit I only bought this conditioner because it was the only one left in stock and I tend to use my shampoo and conditioner from the same brand. But oh my god, I am in love. As I don't really apply my conditioner on my roots I never got the concept of a volumising conditioner. Surely you need volume from the roots to make your hair appear more voluminous? Somehow this magic conditioner makes my hair feel so much thicker and yes, more voluminous. Even when I only apply it in the lengths of my hair. I will for sure buy it again! 

Have you tried Aesop products before? 
Let me know your faves. 

x Lisa