Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sustainable Basics That Last | Everlane.

If you have seen one of my latest posts about sustainable fashion, you already know that I am consciously trying to shift to more environmentally friendly style choices. Everlane is a brand that I had on my radar for quite some time now and I finally took the plunge and added some of their pieces to my wardrobe. 

Not only is Everlane a brand that focuses on ethical production but they also focus on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. What does it do when you keep buying sustainable but low-quality products that you have to throw out after a few months? Exactly, nothing. That's why I love the timeless collection Everlane offers. Especially their basic pieces, like trench coats, ankle boots and dresses stole my heart. I can see myself wearing them for years and years. 

I decided to get their modern trench coat and their black boss boots (I mean with that name, I just had to get them, right?). Their trench is literally the perfect classic coat that I was missing in my collection. The beige is the perfect shade for me, not too light and not too dark. If you want a more fitted look I suggest you size down. And the boots.. oh the boots are a dream! The moment you see and touch them you know they really are some high-quality boots. However, if you have wide feet I suggest you size up half a size as they run quite tight. But if you have narrow feet just stick to your normal size and you should be fine. 

These two complete my outfit every time I am leaving the house right now and I am already sad that I won't be able to wear them when summer comes around. 

Have you shopped at Everlane before?

x Lisa

Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Ultimate Self-Care Masks You Need Right Now.

*This Post contains PR Samples

One thing that really cheers me up while staying at home 24/7 right now is my self-care routine. And after talking to a lot of my friends we all seem to feel the same. Taking care of ourselves, mentally and physically, really helps to calm our anxiety right now. So today I thought I would share with you the go-to face masks that I love to use for my self-care rituals. 

This is the latest addition to my mask collection and is slowly becoming my favourite. It's a very hydrating and soothing mask that makes your skin feel radiant, plump and youthful. It goes on beautifully and also washes off very easily. This gel mask works even better if you store it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. 

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme

This was the first mask I ever tried from PTR and really the reason why I am so obsessed with their brand. It's an exfoliating mask which makes my skin look clear and fresh. I try to use it every other week but this is definitely more of an autumn/ winter mask for me. Maybe because of the scent as it most definitely smells exactly like its name. 

I use the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm on a regular basis and I got this beautiful mask as an extra when I was looking for a mini version of the balm to take on my travels. This is for sure the richest mask I own. It feels very luxurious, soothing and clearing at the same time. It definitely is a mask I like to use when my skin is really acting up. 

This is what I normally call my "airplane mask". I always take this with my on long-haul flights as it really really gives me the moisture boost that my skin needs during hours on a plane. What I really like is that it is so moisturising without being too oily or heavy. If you apply a very thick layer it almost absorbs completely into your skin after an hour or so. I can't live without this anymore. 

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2%

This is probably one of the most potent masks I use. And I  LOVE it! It's actually a very liquid serum-like mask with a red tint to it (yup, it looks a lot like blood). This mask is extremely exfoliating. If you haven't used it before you might want to leave it on for a few minutes only. I sometimes go 20 or 30 minutes with it one, but you should just try it out for yourself. The packaging does recommend 10 minutes, so you maybe don't want to follow my example.. 

What are your favourite face masks?

x Lisa