Sunday, April 11, 2021

How To Look Luxe On A Budget.

Looking luxe doesn't always have to be expensive. I would even go so far to say that you can throw all the money you want at your outfit, but if you don't choose the right pieces you still won't look 'expensive'. So what is it that makes you look luxe?

1. Stick with the classic colours.
One of the major things I noticed when trying to look expensive on a budget is sticking to the right tones. And don't worry, I don't want you to follow my footsteps and mostly wear black, but I do think it's a good idea to stick to neutrals and classic shades. A camel coat, a black dress or a grey bag tend to look more high-end than their neon-coloured counterparts. 

2. Invest in key pieces.
Obviously, this is not a must. But if you are able to you should contemplate into investing into the staple pieces of your wardrobe. What these staples consist of, is different for everyone depending on your taste and lifestyle. For me, it would be a classic Burberry trench or a classic double flap in black. By investing in these you can be sure that the main part of your closet is high quality and of course also high-end looking. Of course, these investments don't have to consist of big purchases, like a Chanel bag. Accessories like Designer sunglasses or belts can make a huge impact. The rest of your wardrobe can be built with more seasonal high-street options. 

3. The cut is everything.
When it comes to any purchase you should always consider the cut. A blazer or coat with more fitted sleeves and the right length will automatically look more luxe. And please forget about the size tag in your clothes, always go with the right fit. In my closet, you can literally find every possible size. 

4. Don't forget about your shoes.
When thinking about your perfect outfit you should never forget about your shoes. While you might think that an expensive watch or purse might give away a high-end outfit, the shoes really say more than you think. That doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on them. A nice pair of black boots or heels that fit you perfectly will do the trick. And of course, always make sure they are clean and in the best condition. 

5. Wear it with confidence. 
Last but not least, wear whatever you decide on with confidence and the rest will come with ease.

What are your go-to tips and tricks to look more luxe?




  1. Absolutely agree!
    Style over fashion trends always look luxe.

  2. I have started to make my wardrobe more minimalistic and add more classic and versatile pieces to it, I've been loving it so much! x

    Lucy |

  3. Definitely agree with you on these points, especially keeping to neutral, classic colours. x

  4. These are all really stunning choices

    Candice x

  5. The cut really is everything! These tips are on point. I also find that investing in good staples is key. Thank you for sharing this, love your style! x

    Julia x | Self-Care, Lifestyle, Travel

  6. You should always wear with confidence I am in complete agreement.



  7. For me it is all about the accessories to elevate an outfit!

    Danielle |

  8. Looooove this post!! I love dressing an outfit up with accessories x

  9. AnonymousMay 18, 2021

    I love that - if you rock it with confidence then girl you could wear your birthday suit!



Thank you! xx