Sunday, January 5, 2020

Let's Talk About Coffee Table Books.

Whenever I don't know how to style a shelf, a dresser or any other random corner there is one thing that normally always does the job: the coffee table book. Yes, you heard right. Coffee table books are not only for your coffee table. I know, shocking. But what exactly makes a book a coffee table book? It is usually a big, normally hard-covered book which mainly consists of a lot of pictures and is intended to entertain you or guests. I and my boyfriend are both obsessed with collecting cute books, especially this category. So here are some of my current faves and some of my wishlist as well in my two fave categories: fashion and travel. 



Do you love coffee table books? What is your fave one?

x Lisa


  1. Ah you have an amazing collection! I don't own any but I really want some, they look so cute on a coffee table xx

  2. I have a whole stack on one table in my living room. They're not particularly aesthetically pleasing, but they're interesting! Especially Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty - one of my prized possessions!

    Anna |

    1. Oh I need to look for that one x

      x Lisa

  3. So pretty!

    Mariya |

  4. I DO love em but I haven't bought one yet. I think coffee table books are such a stylish way to decorate-

    lots of love, Miri | MeetMiri

  5. Coffee books are so pretty I want them all.
    Xo, Kelsey

  6. You have a beautiful collection!

    Paula | Thirteen Thoughts

  7. I love coffee table books too. This reminds me to add a couple more. Thanks dear!

    Jessica |

  8. you have such a collection! x

    erin x |

  9. These are great options of coffee books! I love to collect them also!

    Happy Thursday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. great picks, I usually keep my Elle and H. Bazaar favorite editions on my coffee table,
    but you just inspired me to get more books, I already have Aimee Song's book and I think I will get The Tokyo Street Style one, it seems very interesting,
    thanks for sharing,

  11. These are all fabulous coffee table book suggestions - so aesthetic! x

  12. OMG these coffee table books are gorgeous!! xx- Nina

  13. I have that Song of Style book and love it! Another couple of Instagrammer books I like are the ones from Tezza and Travel In Her Shoes.


  14. These are such great books! :) I had a little collection of coffee table books going before I had kids but I quickly realised it's not the most practical things with young kids so I sold most of them! Maybe when the kids are bigger I'll look at them again, haha!

    Hope you are having a great weekend! We have a lot of rain which is very welcome, but we have still been able to get out and about :)

    Away From Blue

  15. Amazing selection! Thank you for sharing your favourites xx

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Thank you! xx