Sunday, October 13, 2019

Staying In A Treehouse.

For my boyfriend's 30 birthday I wanted to plan something special. A few months back, we saw a treehouse while hiking and he told me how much he wanted one in his garden when he was a child. I immediately had the idea to look for a "grown-up" version for a short holiday over his birthday. I found a lovely Treehouse Hotel which is only a couple hours away from our home. 

So a couple of days back I told him to pack his bags and we left for a surprise three-day trip to our cute little treehouse. Of course, he was totally excited when he saw where we were heading and so was I. The treehouse was absolutely adorable and so were the surroundings. It is always nice to have a few days to switch off, but it is even more exciting if you can switch off in a treehouse. It was so peaceful and relaxing that I honestly didn't want to leave. I mean... can you imagine waking up in your (swinging) bed and just seeing trees and the morning fog. I want to go back asap! 

It's sometimes crazy, how the simplest things can feel like the biggest luxury. Those few days away from everything (okay we had wifi, but we barely used it) really put things into perspective. What is it you are chasing? What are your goals and dreams and what are you doing right now to achieve them? Or have you lost sight of them? I totally recommend everyone to take some time off to reflect on life and what is really important. Even when it's not your birthday and you don't happen to have a treehouse nearby. 

Have you stayed in a treehouse hotel yet?

x Lisa


Sunday, October 6, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 | My (non-tech) Thoughts.

I feel like there is a pattern. Every year around this time I sit down and write a post about the latest gadget my boyfriend got me for my birthday. It might not be my birthday yet, but my boyfriend being him, he surprised me almost two weeks early. During a trip with his friends, he decided to get me the new apple watch series 5. I have been talking about it for a while, so it was the perfect gift. 

I have had it for a week now, so I thought today I would share with you my thoughts on it so far. 
Let's go into the specs first: I got the black aluminium, 44mm, cellular with the black sports band. And of course, I already ordered some other bands to switch it up. But this one is perfect for workouts or just wearing at home. It's super comfortable. 

I am so glad, that he went for the bigger size for me. I was debating to get the small one, but the bigger screen just makes so much more sense and I don't think it is too chunky. 

I also did not have an apple watch before, so there is no way for me to compare this series to the older ones. Anyway, I am not one to go into the tech details, so let's talk about why I think it's a great addition to my lifestyle right now. 

I limit screen time 
In the past week, I spend so much less time on my phone. I normally have it next to me all the time and I also check it constantly. I have my phone on silent most of the time, so I feel the need to check for new messages, calls or emails. And when I already have it in my hand, I tend to scroll through social media or the new-in section in Zara almost automatically. But now I know my watch will notify me about messages, calls and emails. That way I don't randomly check my phone. 

I don't take my phone everywhere
Because my watch has cellular, I can ditch my phone when going out. Of course, I still take it with me if I go to work on a day trip. But for shorter outings, like food shopping or going for a walk, I like to leave my phone at home. If I need to call someone or someone is trying to contact me, my watch got me covered.

Working out is so much more fun 
I have recently picked up working out again after being injured for the past 4 months (and becoming unfit as hell). And, at least for now, I am so much more motivated. Just pairing your earphones to your watch and not having to carry around your phone in the gym is a lifesaver! Plus: tracking your workouts is so motivating as well. 

Have you tried any apple watch yet?
Let me know your thoughts! 

x Lisa