*This post was written in Collaboration with Micolet

I am sure we all know those days when everything we put on looks boring. We already wore the same outfit approximately one million times and we feel like we desperately need a closet refresh. But before you go on a massive splurge on countless new dresses, maybe try some new accessories first. And if you want to save even more money, you should definitely check out Micolet, a second-hand clothing and accessory heaven. 

Yes, a simple belt around your waist can absolutely transform your outfit. I don't just mean put a belt on with your jeans, I mean belt your dresses, coats, everything.  It not only transforms your outfit, but it also gives your oversized coat or flowy dress a much more tailored and sinched in look. It's like a new piece altogether. I currently love my Zara belts but I for sure need to invest in the skinny black Gucci belt... obsessed!

Belts can be so fun, also you can choose a super skinny black sophisticated belt, but you can also go all out and set a statement with a chunky red belt. It's all up to you and your mood. 

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Medium - High Priced

Do you wear belts on a regular basis? 
x Lisa