A few months back I already talked a bit about meditation and yoga. I was doing yoga on and off over the past couple of years. But this year I really started to take it more seriously. It all started with a 30-day challenge I did with 'Yoga with Adriene' on Youtube. This way I did one yoga session each day all the way through January and what can I say. I became completely obsessed. 

I never realized how versatile yoga can be. Some sessions are so calm and almost like meditating, some are all about stretching out your body and some feel like a full-on workout. So there is honestly something for every mood. 

I also love how flexible yoga can be. You can basically do it anytime, anywhere. Be it an energizing morning session or a relaxing evening session, you can choose what you need and most importantly when your schedule allows it. I even did yoga when I was traveling, a hotel room is perfectly fine for a quick yoga workout... and if you want you can also do it outside in the park. 

Yoga really taught me how to work for and with your body, not against it. Sometimes working out can feel like you are fighting your own body and all the flaws it has. Yoga, however, is more about doing something good for yourself and especially about listening to your body and what it needs right now. 

Sometimes it's really hard for me to wind down in the evening, which ultimately almost always affects my sleep. But a calming yoga session in the night really helps me to take my mind off everything else. I especially love to wear something extra comfy and light a candle when I do my night time yoga session. 

Have you ever tried yoga?

x Lisa