The first time I ever heard about dry brushing was on Sarah's Days Youtube Video. If you know her, you also know that she is an absolute wellness and fitness goddess. So I just had to look further into it and I ended up investing into one myself. That is now more than a year ago, so I thought today is the day I want to share with you my experience and talk about the benefits of dry brushing. 

The Benefits
Dry brushing is the perfect technique to get rid of those dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin. My skin always feels super soft after a session. However, it also dries out the skin a bit, so make sure to moisturize afterward. 

As dry brushing increases the blood circulation, which in turn promotes the lymph flow, it's the perfect way to detoxify your body. 

Reduce Cellulite
Something that almost every woman struggles with is cellulite. Even though I personally think it's something perfectly normal and we don't have to 'fight' it, it sometimes feels good to reduce the appearance of it a bit. But don't forget to do something for your body and never against it. Your body is not your enemy and some dents in your skin don't lower your worth. So maybe see this aspect as a positive side effect, rather than the main reason to pick up dry brushing. 

As dry brushing stimulates your nervous system, it's the perfect way to wake up your body in the morning and get it going. 

My Experience
How to do it?
Dry brushing is actually fairly easy. As you probably already guessed, dry brushing has to be done on dry skin. Preferable before you take a shower. Work on your legs, arms and even stomach in an upwards and circulating manner. Just imagine going towards the heart. So when you work with arms, start from your hands upwards. If you want to dry brush your back, this is the only area where you have to go downwards and not upwards. Don't press too hard, it shouldn't hurt. Also, obviously you shouldn't dry brush your skin if it's inflamed, sunburned or sore in any other way. 
Then hop in the shower and wash the dead skin cells off and don't forget to moisturize afterward. I personally do this a few times per week. 

Does it even work?
Yes. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but I thought even if it doesn't help, it's always nice to spend some time on yourself and practice some self-care. However, my skin never was so soft and silky. Also, it totally wakes me up when I dry brush in the morning. As far as detoxification goes, I think this is hard to judge. But of course, I like to believe this works as well. I would also say that it reduced the appearance of my cellulite as well. So all in all, I totally recommend it.

x Lisa