*Some items in this post have been sent to me as PR Gifts, with no obligation to write this post.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who is completely obsessed with headbands right now. It all started with a plain black headband that I got for my trip to India to keep my hair out of my face. To be honest I wasn't sure if it suits me or if I would even end up wearing it. But sure enough, I wore it almost every day and literally had to stop myself from wearing it 24/7.

Besides being absolutely practical on bad hair days (for some reason it makes my hair look fuller when it's actually just flat and probably due a wash) it looks so cute. And do we have to talk about the fact that Blair Waldorf would definitely approve of this trend? SOLD. 

After wearing my black headband (which I got from H&M) I wanted to venture into some more exciting colors and designs to pair with my all black looks that I practically live in. So again H&M did not disappoint and I got myself this cute pink and leopard print ones. 

A few weeks back I was then looking for some embellished headbands to be a bit more extra. However, I discovered that embellished headbands are so much more expensive than I expected. The universe must have listened to me because the next day I found the most gorgeous Etsy shop thanks to the lovely Corrie from dizzybrunette.  Emma from Cecescrowns was so kind to send me the 'Patricia' in black. Since I received it I am seriously wearing it non stop. If you pair it with a simple monochrome look it instantly elevates your outfit and just makes it more interesting. And of course, you can also pair it with a beautiful dress to wear to special events, like a wedding. And the best thing, they are actually affordable!

Do you love the headband trend as much as I do?

x Lisa