Sunday, April 28, 2019

Currently Craving | Headbands.

*Some items in this post have been sent to me as PR Gifts, with no obligation to write this post.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who is completely obsessed with headbands right now. It all started with a plain black headband that I got for my trip to India to keep my hair out of my face. To be honest I wasn't sure if it suits me or if I would even end up wearing it. But sure enough, I wore it almost every day and literally had to stop myself from wearing it 24/7.

Besides being absolutely practical on bad hair days (for some reason it makes my hair look fuller when it's actually just flat and probably due a wash) it looks so cute. And do we have to talk about the fact that Blair Waldorf would definitely approve of this trend? SOLD. 

After wearing my black headband (which I got from H&M) I wanted to venture into some more exciting colors and designs to pair with my all black looks that I practically live in. So again H&M did not disappoint and I got myself this cute pink and leopard print ones. 

A few weeks back I was then looking for some embellished headbands to be a bit more extra. However, I discovered that embellished headbands are so much more expensive than I expected. The universe must have listened to me because the next day I found the most gorgeous Etsy shop thanks to the lovely Corrie from dizzybrunette.  Emma from Cecescrowns was so kind to send me the 'Patricia' in black. Since I received it I am seriously wearing it non stop. If you pair it with a simple monochrome look it instantly elevates your outfit and just makes it more interesting. And of course, you can also pair it with a beautiful dress to wear to special events, like a wedding. And the best thing, they are actually affordable!

Do you love the headband trend as much as I do?

x Lisa


Sunday, April 21, 2019

10 Things To Do Right Now To Streamline Your Life.

You all know I love organizing and managing my life as efficiently as possible. So today I will share with you my top 10 tips you can implement right now to streamline your life right now.

1. Pay bills automatically
Something that might seem small but will streamline your life immensely, is paying your bills automatically. If you still pay your rent manually every month, you are doing something wrong. As much as you can, set up automatic bank transfers. This will also prevent you from being late with your payments and having to pay extra fees. Win-win if you ask me. 

2. Go paperless
All the paper clutter in our house can be such a headache. There are still some documents you just need to have a physical copy of. But mostly, it's unnecessary in this day and age. So my tip is to search for apps that might help you go paperless. For example, I only just recently discovered that my health insurance has an app where I can simply upload my invoices as a picture instead of making copies and having to send them out physically. I also only get my phone and internet bills per e-mail. But if there are some services or companies that are still doing paper only communication, maybe try and scan the documents and then organize and store them on your computer (don't forget to a have a backup). This saves you so much space in your house and mind. 

3. Clean out your wardrobe & kitchen
This is an obvious one, but honestly so important. Of course, it is ideal if you can clean out your whole house, but your wardrobe and kitchen are a great starting point, as they tend to accumulate the most clutter and unnecessary stuff. I highly recommend Marie Kondo's book 'the life-changing magic of tidying' and the Netflix series with her. You will totally get into the mood for tidying up your whole house after watching and reading about her technique. 

4. Have a staple grocery list
We all have those staple groceries we just always have to have in the house. So if you go food shopping once a week, you should have a list ready with all of these things. This way you go through your cupboards before going out and simply checking your list and marking the things you need to get. This way you will never forget one of your staple items. And we all know how annoying it is having to go out in the middle of the week just to get some eggs. A big no-no when you are trying to streamline your life. 

5. Meal prep
Okay, don't worry. I don't want you to steam broccoli and cook rice in bulk for a whole week. But it is always nice to cook one or two meals on a Sunday and have some leftovers that you can either pop in the fridge or freezer for later. Also, if you cook in the middle of the week, maybe just make double the quantity and you won't have to cook the next day. YAY!

6. Sunday is gameplan day
I always love a good Sunday planning session. Sit down, plan some meals and schedule your appointments and to-do list for the next week. This might only take 20 minutes but will make the biggest difference to your week. Try it. 

7. Delegate
Something we all tend to forget is to delegate tasks. Be it to your partner or children, delegating tasks is key to streamline your own life. And if you can and want, maybe even outsource some tasks, like cleaning to an external source. Of course, this costs money. But for some people time is money and it really makes sense for them to outsource. However, if you have enough time or you even enjoy cleaning your house, of course, you can do it yourself. 

8. Digital Detox
While cleaning out your house really helps, don't forget to clean out your digital life as well. Go through your emails, your pictures and documents on all of your devices and sort them out. You will feel so much better. 

9. If you travel often, have a travel bag ready
If you are one of those people that travel fairly often, you should consider having a travel bag (with toiletries) packed at any time. Also, you should have a packing list ready with all the important things (chargers, passport, medication...) ready. This will streamline your packing process massively. 

10. Clean up every night
One thing I actually enjoy doing is cleaning up the house every night. I never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink or clothes on the floor scattered around the house. It just calms me down and gives me a better feeling when I get up in the morning. And who doesn't like a relaxed morning in a clean flat, rather than running around the house trying to tidy up before going to work?

x Lisa

Sunday, April 14, 2019

The Benefits Of Dry Brushing.

The first time I ever heard about dry brushing was on Sarah's Days Youtube Video. If you know her, you also know that she is an absolute wellness and fitness goddess. So I just had to look further into it and I ended up investing into one myself. That is now more than a year ago, so I thought today is the day I want to share with you my experience and talk about the benefits of dry brushing. 

The Benefits
Dry brushing is the perfect technique to get rid of those dead skin cells and exfoliate your skin. My skin always feels super soft after a session. However, it also dries out the skin a bit, so make sure to moisturize afterward. 

As dry brushing increases the blood circulation, which in turn promotes the lymph flow, it's the perfect way to detoxify your body. 

Reduce Cellulite
Something that almost every woman struggles with is cellulite. Even though I personally think it's something perfectly normal and we don't have to 'fight' it, it sometimes feels good to reduce the appearance of it a bit. But don't forget to do something for your body and never against it. Your body is not your enemy and some dents in your skin don't lower your worth. So maybe see this aspect as a positive side effect, rather than the main reason to pick up dry brushing. 

As dry brushing stimulates your nervous system, it's the perfect way to wake up your body in the morning and get it going. 

My Experience
How to do it?
Dry brushing is actually fairly easy. As you probably already guessed, dry brushing has to be done on dry skin. Preferable before you take a shower. Work on your legs, arms and even stomach in an upwards and circulating manner. Just imagine going towards the heart. So when you work with arms, start from your hands upwards. If you want to dry brush your back, this is the only area where you have to go downwards and not upwards. Don't press too hard, it shouldn't hurt. Also, obviously you shouldn't dry brush your skin if it's inflamed, sunburned or sore in any other way. 
Then hop in the shower and wash the dead skin cells off and don't forget to moisturize afterward. I personally do this a few times per week. 

Does it even work?
Yes. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but I thought even if it doesn't help, it's always nice to spend some time on yourself and practice some self-care. However, my skin never was so soft and silky. Also, it totally wakes me up when I dry brush in the morning. As far as detoxification goes, I think this is hard to judge. But of course, I like to believe this works as well. I would also say that it reduced the appearance of my cellulite as well. So all in all, I totally recommend it.

x Lisa

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Let's Talk Trench.

It's (almost) Trench season and I couldn't be happier about it. A trenchcoat is such an easy piece to style and goes with everything. You can pair it with a casual look like jeans and a tee or with a smart look, like a dress and heels. And there is such a vast variety of styles, cuts, and colors that everyone can find their perfect trench. So today I want to talk about what to look out for when you are looking to purchase a new trench for this season. 

The Style
There are so many different styles when it comes to trench coats. Of course, you can have the classic Burberry look that everyone loves. But what about an edgy leather trench or a romantic lace one? The possibilities are endless. When investing in a trench that you intend to wear for a long time it is best to evaluate your personal style and see what goes best with it. For me, it's definitely the classic look that I would get the most wear out of. But don't be afraid to experiment. 

The Length
The length of a trench something that makes such a difference to the overall look of a trench coat. There are super short ones that end over your hips, the most common length which should sit somewhere between your hips and your knees, midi lengths and even floor length coats. I personally love a quite long one which goes either just above my knees or even over them. This is also due to the fact that I mainly wear dresses and I prefer my coats to be on the longer side to (mostly) cover them. Don't listen to the rules that say you can only wear a certain coat length when you have a certain body height. Just try different lengths and decide what makes you feel the most comfortable.

The Color 
This is where the fun begins. Even though the classic trench is considered to be in a beige or camel color, there are no boundaries when it comes to finding the color that brings you the most joy and compliments your wardrobe the best. 

Low - Medium Priced

Medium - High Priced

x Lisa