It's (almost) Trench season and I couldn't be happier about it. A trenchcoat is such an easy piece to style and goes with everything. You can pair it with a casual look like jeans and a tee or with a smart look, like a dress and heels. And there is such a vast variety of styles, cuts, and colors that everyone can find their perfect trench. So today I want to talk about what to look out for when you are looking to purchase a new trench for this season. 

The Style
There are so many different styles when it comes to trench coats. Of course, you can have the classic Burberry look that everyone loves. But what about an edgy leather trench or a romantic lace one? The possibilities are endless. When investing in a trench that you intend to wear for a long time it is best to evaluate your personal style and see what goes best with it. For me, it's definitely the classic look that I would get the most wear out of. But don't be afraid to experiment. 

The Length
The length of a trench something that makes such a difference to the overall look of a trench coat. There are super short ones that end over your hips, the most common length which should sit somewhere between your hips and your knees, midi lengths and even floor length coats. I personally love a quite long one which goes either just above my knees or even over them. This is also due to the fact that I mainly wear dresses and I prefer my coats to be on the longer side to (mostly) cover them. Don't listen to the rules that say you can only wear a certain coat length when you have a certain body height. Just try different lengths and decide what makes you feel the most comfortable.

The Color 
This is where the fun begins. Even though the classic trench is considered to be in a beige or camel color, there are no boundaries when it comes to finding the color that brings you the most joy and compliments your wardrobe the best. 

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x Lisa