*This post has been written in collaboration with Steamery Stockholm

After getting such great feedback on one of my recent posts, where I talk all about minimalism and my closet, I really wanted to pick up on this and write a second part. Taking care of the pieces that are already in your closet and you hopefully love, is a vital part of trying to implement minimalism in your life and your wardrobe. I mean, how are we supposed to minimize waste when we have to keep buying new clothes because our old ones are literally falling apart?

So today I would like to share with you my top tips on how to take care of your clothes and make them last. 

Ironing was yesterday 
I recently got the Steamery Cirrus No.2 steamer in this gorgeous pale pink color. I was looking to get into steaming my clothes for a while now. I honestly hate ironing. It's so time-consuming and I have ruined way too many beautiful dresses in the process. If you never heard of a steamer, it's basically a little device (you can also get big ones) that uses hot air steam to get rid of creases in your clothes and fabrics. Contrary to ironing, steaming actually causes the fabric to swell and soften and in turn to regain their natural shape. Ironing simply presses the fabric and makes it flat in order to get rid of creases. Steaming has the advantage of being more gentle to delicate fabrics and it also enhances the color of your clothing. A win-win situation if you ask me. Steaming also helps to freshen up your clothes. So if you want to give your shirt (or bed linen) a little freshen up in between washes, simply give it a quick steam.

You should not only be exfoliating your face
Do you know those little bobbles that build up on your favorite sweater and coat and make them look old and worn to death? There is a simple and quick solution to that: fabric shavers. I got the Pilo Fabric Shaver by Steamery to go with my steamer and I love this little guy. Definitely, my new best friend when it comes to giving my wardrobe a makeover. 

Sometimes handwash is key 
I know, handwashing your clothes is no fun and honestly, who has the time? However, some pieces simply require it. However, there are some washing machines which actually have a handwash setting. Of course, I wouldn't try to use this with extremely expensive items.  

Think before you buy 
In order to minimize the time I spend on handwashing my clothes, I try to avoid buying clothes that require it as much as I can. That's why it's so important to read labels before investing in a new piece. If you already know you won't be having the time (or nerves) to handwash your new sweater all the time, maybe you should look for a different one. 

Touch ups are everything 
Every time I go through my closet to see if there is anything I haven't worn in ages, I also do a quick quality check on all of my pieces. Are all of the buttons sewed on tight? Has a seam ripped? Is there a stain that needs to be taken care of? And if you see that anything needs some touch-ups, do it right away. Otherwise, you won't be wearing it and your item will collect dust in your wardrobe. And that's not really the idea behind a minimalistic wardrobe, is it? 

x Lisa