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Summer is still a few months away if we are being optimistic. But I am sure we all want long-lasting makeup all year round, not only during a heatwave. So today I am sharing with you my top tips on how to make your makeup last longer.

The Skincare
This step is something a lot of people forget. When they analyze why their makeup might not have the staying power they wish it had, they go straight into buying a new primer or powder, without looking at the basics first. The skincare you are using before applying makeup has a big influence on its finish and how long it decides to stick around on your skin. When you feel like your makeup tends to melt off of your skin after a few hours and you are using an oil based moisturizer, maybe it's time to change things up. If your skin gets flakey and patchy shortly after applying your foundation, you might need more hydration in your routine. It's all about knowing what your skin needs and then try and find the right product for it. And don't worry, it's a journey. 

The Primer
After you nailed your skincare routine. A primer can help to increase the longevity of your foundation. I personally don't use a primer all the time. But as my skin tends to be more dry, I use a makeup that amps up the glow. If you have oily skin, there are plenty of oil controlling primer out there. 

The Powder
This is a debatable one. Some people hate powder, some people can't live without it. Personally think a light and natural looking powder helps to make my makeup last much longer. I try to focus on the undereyes and only use what it is left on the brush on the rest of my face. This way I avoid looking too matte or cakey. 

The Settingspray
The last step in making sure your foundation lasts the whole day (or night) is using a setting spray. As much as I think that a primer is optional, I could never go without my setting spary. To me it makes all the difference, not only for increasing the longevity of my foundation, but also for making it look more dewy and natural. I have been using the Urban Decay All Nighter since around 3 years and can't see myself changing it anytime soon. 

x Lisa