Sunday, February 17, 2019

Let's Talk About Minimalism & My Closet.

Minimalism is everywhere right now. Maybe it's just because I am looking into this topic quite intensively in the past few months, but I feel like there are more and more blog posts and youtube videos coming out about how to and why to streamline your life. I find the idea absolutely fascinating and if you want to look into the topic further, I highly suggest 'Minimalism' and 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo', the author of the book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' on Netflix and the Youtube videos by Matt D'Avella

And if you are still a bit skeptical, stick with me. I have to admit that minimalism was never something that really interested me. Why? Because I love clothes, bags, and shoes. Guess what? You can still love clothes, bags, and shoes and live a minimalist lifestyle at the same time. The same goes for the hundreds and hundreds of books on your shelves that bring you pure joy when you look at them or your collection of mugs in your kitchen cupboard that remind you of all the places you traveled to. Because minimalism is not about getting rid of everything but what you need to survive. It's about getting rid of what you don't need in your life and the excess that we live in daily. 
I am sure that when you take a look around the room that you are sitting in right now, there is at least one thing that you wouldn't mind getting rid of. And this is exactly what it's all about. If you heard about Marie Kondo you probably heard about the phrase 'does this spark joy?'. And if it does, it should stay. If it doesn't, you can and should let it go. 

For example, think about the drawer in your kitchen that is filled with knives. There are probably one or two knives you always use. And sometimes you even wash these knives per hand just so you don't need to use one of those cheap horrible knives. Why are they still in your life? 

Minimalism looks different for everyone. My boyfriend is hugely into minimalism as well, and his closet also looks like it. He has like three different styles of t-shirts and long sleeves that he loves and just bought a few of them in different colors. The same goes for shirts. And he loves not having to take ages to decide what he wants to wear that day. He always says that it is one decision less he has to make on a daily basis and he can use this mental capacity for something more important. And as much as I think he is right. I can't live like that. I love having the choice of different styles, patterns and colors in my closet. I love combining different pieces and creating new outfits. And I love to shop. Yes, I said it. I love to shop, and this is a post about minimalism. 

But there are very strict rules I stick to and that have transformed my wardrobe over the past year. 

Firstly, don't shop for the sake of it, shop out of necessity. I used to scroll through online shops all the time, absolutely aimlessly. It was like a habit, just to see what is new in the shops. Now I only go (online) shopping when I exactly know what I need. This saves you so much time, money and space in your closet. 

Also, think about if you do not already have something similar in your closet. All too often I find a beautiful long sleeves black dress that is so my style. But just because it speaks to me, doesn't mean I need it in my life. Especially when I already have a few other dresses that do the exact same job. 

Then, it's always important for me to invest in something that I really love and that is of higher quality. Have you ever been on the lookout for a new coat? And you found two that you loved. One is absolutely perfect, but it's much more expensive. The other one is almost perfect... but there are just one or two details that are off. But hey, it's 300 bucks less. But I am here to tell you, that (if you can afford to) always go for the higher quality one which fulfills ALL your needs. Don't compromise. Because if you compromise, I promise you, you will be on the hunt for a new coat in the next season. And if you do that a couple of times, you could have got the perfect coat right away, right?

These are just a few rules I follow in order to prevent me from overflowing my wardrobe with random things I neither need nor really want. But before you implement these or your own rules, it is important to set the foundation for your new minimalism closet.. sort out your wardrobe: 

Marie Kondo has a beautiful technique on how to sort out your wardrobe. Basically, you have to put everything you own on to one pile, maybe on your bed. Yes, everything! This might sound a bit overwhelming but it's so helpful. Then, you should go through every item and take your time. Touch it, look at it. When was the last time I wore it? Does this item bring me joy? Lastly, it's also about how to put everything back into your closet. I personally use Marie's folding technique. That way I see everything I own at once, and I am not simply picking up whatever is on top of the pile. 

And if you are not convinced yet. Imagine opening your wardrobe and ONLY seeing your favorite outfits? No ill-fitting clothes that you just keep for the sake of it, and not because you actually love them. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
x Lisa



  1. I do love the idea of minimalism and the look of it (not to mention how much space it saves!), however I need variety in my closet as I do change my outfits constantly. xx

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  2. I can totally understand you!
    After watching Mari Kondo's Netflix Show (I really want to read her book!) I've been on a journey of realising what I really need and what I really love. I've been going through my clothes for a while and the main goal at the moment is " buy less, but buy good". There's no need for 8 crappy pair of jeans. Having a good 4 pairs is more than enough.

    And your wardrobe looks gorgeous! I have a pax like that on my wishlist!

    Wishing you all the best,

  3. I should try this!

  4. I could not agree more! I don't think I'll ever be too keenly into the minimalist lifestyle, but I'm certainly not on the hoarding side of the spectrum. There's simply no point to keeping things if they are no longer worn or they no longer carry any sentimental value. I definitely shop out of necessity and avoid doing so otherwise!

  5. Your closet is a dream!! Please come and sort out mine haha amazing post I loved this


  6. I agree with you, Lisa. We should be more careful with what we choose to keep in our life. Sometimes, I feel that I keep some items for the sake of them, not because I will somehow use them in the future. Great post as usually!

    xo, Andreea |

  7. Oh wow I had not seen Matt D'Avella's channel, I'm definitely going to binge watch his videos tonight haha. I also got inspired after seeing the Marie Kondo series on Netflix but I've been putting off decluttering my closet, imagining only my favorite outfits in there is definitely a dream :P xx

    | |

    1. YAY let me know how you like his videos!

      x Lisa

  8. Love this post! I have been getting rid of a lot of things around my house but the one thing I have trouble with letting go is my clothes. This post really helped! This week I'm going to work on clearing out my closet.

  9. I feel like this is an exact match for my closet, minimalism and classiness the entire way through!

    Danielle xx

  10. Ohh I've always been so interested in minimalism and your closet looks so gorgeous and well put together Hun! Mines just a mess of colour and texture whoops (probably need to get around to sorting it soon!) Stunning post as always babe xxx

    Grace Louise ||

  11. Minimalism is a great concept, good way to live a simpler life. And yes, I absolutely agree with you dear, especially on shopping just for the sake of it.

    Jessica |

  12. I have just started watching the Marie Kondo series on Netflix, and I am fascinated by how she tidies up haha. I would really love to have a more minimalist mindset, although I already don't buy much in general - only when I need to, or when I really really want to get something and think about it for a long time. I share a lot of your views about minimalism, even though like you I still love clothes and shopping! :)

    Julia x
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  13. What a fantastic post. Reading this makes me think I should really be buying things i need 👏🏼 It would definitely save me money, space and time!

    Jelz Inspired |

  14. Lately I've been all about minimalism.
    Great one.

  15. Love your closet!
    xo, Jane

  16. Love this post. I try to live a minimalist lifestyle and let me say it has been one of the biggest anxiety relievers out there! Definitely start small, but once that minimalist routine has been built, it's crazy where you'll want to start purging in other parts of your life!

    XO, Chenoa ||

  17. I really want to revamp my closet in time for Spring, I feel like I need a more minimalist approach xx ❤️

  18. I love this post! I have minimized my closet so much over the last couple of years and it feels great! I've really enjoy that I get so much use out of the clothes I already own. I try to go through all my clothes every couple of months and only keep pieces that make me happy. Such a great and helpful post Lisa.

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

  19. Becoming a minimalist was the best thing I've ever done for myself. Controlling my shopping habits, having only what I wear...brings me so much peace and joy. You described it all really well! Lovely neutral-colored wardrobe! :D

  20. "It was like a habit, just to see what is new in the shops. Now I only go (online) shopping when I exactly know what I need. This saves you so much time, money and space in your closet. " -- This is so true!

    I was very into minimalism 2 years ago, but then suddenly, I started to feel a desire to have more things. My wardrobe was always very "capsule" and it made me feel so light and free! I was also changing my home often, so it was convenient, as I could almost fit my life in 2 luggages (or maybe one big). Things changed, although I still do appreciate that minimalism feeling. The thing is, that if you have many things you have to spend a lot of time organizing, if you want to keep things tidy... However, I feel I'm still quite good in this, because at least I try to get rid of the stuff fast, when I start noticing that I don't need them!

    By the way, your wardrobe looks great! ^_^

    Bri |

    1. Oh thank you so much Bri.. I can relate to so much you have said :)

      x Lisa

  21. I love Marie Kondo's methods as everyone does right know. I did my decluttering but I'm still not happy with my results. The thing you mentioned at the end of your post - opening my wardrobe and only seeing my favorite outfits - is a goal of mine!

  22. Yess! I am so happy that Minimalism became this huge thing recently and got me onto the bandwagon, because I have so much space now! My environment is incredibly important for me and if it gets overfilled with things it makes me feel anxious. Minimalism really helps me with that! Although I have a looong way to go still, you're right that minimalism looks differently for different people.


  23. Honestly, I don't know how you are doing this and being a style blogger. I struggle with this so much, and a so curious to hear your opinion.
    Lot's of love Lisa

  24. I totally agree. Nowadays, I buy what I like, regardless of price! Cheap or expensive, if I really really like it, I'll buy it!

    7% Solution

  25. Shopping out of necessity is a great tip.

    When we don't overspend on the unnecessary, we are enabled to relax more financially and spend more time doing what we love.

    Amazing post!
    Gary |


Thank you! xx