Sunday, February 3, 2019

How To Instantly Feel More Put Together.

A couple of months back I wrote a post about  'how to look more put together'. You guys have absolutely loved it and it was one of my favorite posts to write in a long time. So today I thought I would do something similar but different at the same time: 'how to instantly feel more put together'. Yes, of course when you look more put together you might also feel more put together. But at least to me, there is so much more to it than just what you choose to wear.. 

Give yourself a pep talk.
This might seem cringe at first.. but it really helps. Ever heard the saying 'fake it til you make it?'. Well, giving yourself a pep talk works similarly. You don't have to stand in front of a mirror and give yourself positive affirmation, but of course you can do that. Simply changing your thoughts from anxious negative assumptions about yourself to positive and uplifting compliments can make a huge difference. Think about what you like about yourself or what others might have complimented you on... and give yourself credit for that. And even if you can't think of anything.. by simply telling yourself that you are smart and capable over and over again, you are more likely to believe it in the end and act accordingly. 

Posture is key. 
I repeat.. posture is key. Not only does a bad posture make you look insecure and demotivated. But it also makes you feel like that as well. How are you supposed to feel strong and capable when you hunch over and just stare at the floor while walking. So lift yourself up, look people in the eyes and most importantly: check-in where your shoulders are! This is something you have to work on for months and months and won't come easily over night.. it's a progress. So don't beat yourself up when you find yourself in a bad posture from time to time. 

Just smile (even if you don't feel like it). 
Another case of 'fake it til you make it'. Did you know that by simply smiling, even if you don't feel like it, your brain produces hormones that make you happier? Just because you are pretending to be. So give it a try, even if it seems hard. 

Choose a soundtrack. 
We all have that song, whenever we hear it we just can't sit still. Our feet want to dance, our fingers want to join the rhythm on our desk and even though we are in a public space we can't help but humming along to it. Remember which song this is for you and write it down. The next time you feel out of control and everything seems to go wrong.. play this song. 

Wash your face (yes, seriously).
This seems so trivial but simply washing your face (or just take a shower when you have time and you are actually at home) is a game changer. There is something about the cold water which not only refreshes your skin but also your mood at the same time. This is always the last thing I try but it never fails to help. 

What are your tips on how to feel more put together?
x Lisa


  1. I never thought about some of those! Posture is actually a really good one - I'll think about it when I need to feel more put together and in control. Thank you for sharing these tips Lisa!

    Julia x
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    1. Oh so glad you found this helpful :)

      x Lisa

  2. Love these tips!

  3. That's such a lovely and helpful post! Thank you for sharing this Lisa xx

  4. Such good tips, I working on the pep talk thing at the moment.:)

  5. Love these ideas! 'Fake it till you make it' is definitely one that rings true. The more you you tell yourself something the more chance you have of believing it x

    Lauren |

  6. Yes! The first thing I do in the morning is to wash my face, you get a whole different apperance by just washing your face

  7. Great tips! Especially the smiling and good posture, they're so easy and such little things to do that have an immediate positive effect :)

    Teresa |

  8. Having good posture goes a long way!! Half of our communication is body language so you can really feel the energy of someone based on their body language.


  9. Thank you for sharing such helpful tips!

    Sarah Lillian |

  10. I love all of these tips! It's crazy how much posture makes a difference xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  11. Totally agree with you!


  12. These are such great tips!! The posture and smile one are so true!


  13. These are such awesome tips girl! I definitely need to work on my posture haha

    xx, mel

  14. I can do anything if I have music that I enjoy to listen to, so I love that tip - it works!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  15. It's actually so true that if you're feeling down or upset, if you force a smile it actually helps you feel better!
    Chloe X

  16. Completely agree with the tips about posture and washing your face. I know I feel lazier and sloppier if I'm slouched over my desk. Reading this actually reminded me to sit up straight! 😅

  17. A song can completely change the way I walk on the streets. Great tip that many forget!!

  18. You are so right about posture. As soon as I fox my posture I instantly feel more productive.

  19. This is a really good post, well done. I'll have to check out your previous post of this! I think having a good posture definitely helps with feeling more put together. Immediately it gives off a more confident look. I love that you included smiling. this helps out a ton not only for yourself but others around you. I feels its that boost of kindness that makes you feel great by simply making someone else feel good just with a smile :)

    Juliana | Ohhjuliana

  20. YES!!! I love posts like this as I feel like so many people can find something useful, inspiring or motivating from them! Love it and can't wait to catch up with all your posts - need to have an afternoon to catch up! :)

    Layla x

  21. I love that you mentioned posture, I couldn't agree more with that!

    Danielle xx

  22. Yesssss, pushing a smile onto our face can do wonders when we're not feeling like smiling!! :) x

  23. I really needed this post today! I find that giving yourself a pep talk is one of the best things that you can do - its the best way to cheer yourself up instantly!

    Have a great rest-of-week :)
    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  24. I totally agree with you. Number 4 and number 5 are some tricks that I do when I want to feel more put together. Listening to a good song has such positive effects! Thanks for sharing this useful post.

    xo, Andreea |

  25. Yes to showers. Something about having a shower / doing skincare makes me feel like a brand new woman haha. Nothing beats a good ol' shower.

  26. I totally agree that posture is a key. My parents always told me straighten up and now I am telling the same to my daughter.

  27. Nice tips!
    Have a great day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -

  28. Such a great read dear, love your tips, especially the last two.
    Jessica |

  29. I made it a habit of mine lately to 'force' myself to smile on my way to work. It takes me 22 minutes to walk to work and I smile all the way through. It makes me start my date on a positive note and I also feel like people at work approach me differently if I come in smiling from ear to ear. Soundtrack is my go to when I need a little mood pick up or if I am walking to an interview or meeting.

    Thanks for those tips, good ones!

    xx A. |

  30. Love these tips! When I'm in a slump, I almost instantly feel better after taking a shower, putting on some of favorite clothes and taking some deep breaths.


Thank you! xx