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Since I moved to our new apartment in December, I have been all about the small things to make our home more homely. One of the things, that may seem small, but actually, make the biggest difference is how your home smells. And it's so fun as well. I love changing up scents to go hand in hand with the new season. Today I will share with you different ways to make your home smell exactly the way you want it. 

Candles are probably the most obvious choice when it comes to bringing a beautiful scent to your house. And it's probably also my fave. It not only makes the room smell like cookies, roses or fresh linen, but candles also give the room a coziness that no artificial light can. My current go-to candles are the Woodwick candles, as they not only smell amazing, but they also give this cozy crinkle sound which reminds me of a fireplace. All the cozy vibes.

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On the other side, you might not think about handsoaps when it comes to scent your house. And obviously, a good smelling soap is not something you notice all the time. However, have you ever been to a really fancy restaurant or hotel and their soap smelled so amazing that it made yourself feel even fancier? Well, if you want to go for that, then I can only recommend the Aesop handsoaps. Literally, the packaging and the actual soap are amazing and I feel like my hands smell luxurious even an hour after washing them.

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A diffuser is a great alternative to a candle when you want something that constantly smells nice, even when you are not at home or you have children around and you'd prefer not to have a candle burning. I love to use a diffuser in the bathroom, as I don't tend to light a candle there.

Diffuser: Max Benjamin
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A room spray is kind of an 'emergency' tool for me. Your home smells instantly beautiful, without having to wait for the scent of the candle or diffuser to spread. Especially great after cooking an Indian meal by the way. 
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What do you like to use to make your home smell amazing?

x Lisa