Sunday, October 13, 2019

Staying In A Treehouse.

For my boyfriend's 30 birthday I wanted to plan something special. A few months back, we saw a treehouse while hiking and he told me how much he wanted one in his garden when he was a child. I immediately had the idea to look for a "grown-up" version for a short holiday over his birthday. I found a lovely Treehouse Hotel which is only a couple hours away from our home. 

So a couple of days back I told him to pack his bags and we left for a surprise three-day trip to our cute little treehouse. Of course, he was totally excited when he saw where we were heading and so was I. The treehouse was absolutely adorable and so were the surroundings. It is always nice to have a few days to switch off, but it is even more exciting if you can switch off in a treehouse. It was so peaceful and relaxing that I honestly didn't want to leave. I mean... can you imagine waking up in your (swinging) bed and just seeing trees and the morning fog. I want to go back asap! 

It's sometimes crazy, how the simplest things can feel like the biggest luxury. Those few days away from everything (okay we had wifi, but we barely used it) really put things into perspective. What is it you are chasing? What are your goals and dreams and what are you doing right now to achieve them? Or have you lost sight of them? I totally recommend everyone to take some time off to reflect on life and what is really important. Even when it's not your birthday and you don't happen to have a treehouse nearby. 

Have you stayed in a treehouse hotel yet?

x Lisa


Sunday, October 6, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 | My (non-tech) Thoughts.

I feel like there is a pattern. Every year around this time I sit down and write a post about the latest gadget my boyfriend got me for my birthday. It might not be my birthday yet, but my boyfriend being him, he surprised me almost two weeks early. During a trip with his friends, he decided to get me the new apple watch series 5. I have been talking about it for a while, so it was the perfect gift. 

I have had it for a week now, so I thought today I would share with you my thoughts on it so far. 
Let's go into the specs first: I got the black aluminium, 44mm, cellular with the black sports band. And of course, I already ordered some other bands to switch it up. But this one is perfect for workouts or just wearing at home. It's super comfortable. 

I am so glad, that he went for the bigger size for me. I was debating to get the small one, but the bigger screen just makes so much more sense and I don't think it is too chunky. 

I also did not have an apple watch before, so there is no way for me to compare this series to the older ones. Anyway, I am not one to go into the tech details, so let's talk about why I think it's a great addition to my lifestyle right now. 

I limit screen time 
In the past week, I spend so much less time on my phone. I normally have it next to me all the time and I also check it constantly. I have my phone on silent most of the time, so I feel the need to check for new messages, calls or emails. And when I already have it in my hand, I tend to scroll through social media or the new-in section in Zara almost automatically. But now I know my watch will notify me about messages, calls and emails. That way I don't randomly check my phone. 

I don't take my phone everywhere
Because my watch has cellular, I can ditch my phone when going out. Of course, I still take it with me if I go to work on a day trip. But for shorter outings, like food shopping or going for a walk, I like to leave my phone at home. If I need to call someone or someone is trying to contact me, my watch got me covered.

Working out is so much more fun 
I have recently picked up working out again after being injured for the past 4 months (and becoming unfit as hell). And, at least for now, I am so much more motivated. Just pairing your earphones to your watch and not having to carry around your phone in the gym is a lifesaver! Plus: tracking your workouts is so motivating as well. 

Have you tried any apple watch yet?
Let me know your thoughts! 

x Lisa


Sunday, September 22, 2019

It Cosmetics CC Cream - Worth The Hype?

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I remember reading about the IT Cosmetics CC Cream the first time on The Anna Edit and I was immediately drawn to it. A glowy foundation with medium coverage that is also long-lasting? Sign. me. up. So I immediately went over to Douglas and treated myself. I have now been using it for the past year. So today I thought I would share with you whether or not I think it lives up to its promises.

YES YES YES. For me personally, it has the perfect amount of glow. My skin looks healthy and youthful when I wear it but it's not that glowy that it slides off my face. It just hits the sweet spot of the perfect amount of dewiness. 

Yes and no. I have pretty dry skin, so on me, the cc cream stays on perfectly without looking dry or cakey. However, I can imagine if you have more oily skin this foundation will be too dewy and will simply slide off your face. So if you are in the dry skin club with me, it's perfect. If you have enough of your own oils going on, maybe give it a pass. 

The perfect light to medium coverage. This foundation has enough coverage to cover light blemishes and imperfections completely but it won't cover everything. But this is exactly what I like about a base product. And the best part: it doesn't cling to dry patches. YAY. 

Shade range 
This is the only downside I can find about the cc cream. The shade range is pretty sad. When it first came out IT Cosmetics only released four shades if I am not mistaken. And right now, at least in Germany, you can choose between twelve shades. However, most of them are still very light and pull pretty warm on me. My skin is light but has a neutral to cool undertone. And if you have darker skin you probably have even more trouble finding the right shade. I currently use "Light" in summers. Then I recently got the shade "Fair Light", which I thought would be the same tone as "Light" just a bit.... lighter, well it pulls much warmer. Needless to say, it doesn't look that great on me. I might try out "Fair" soon, but I am afraid this will simply be too fair on me. 

This really is not the cheapest foundation or cc cream ever. But all points considered I still think it's worth it and I will definitely repurchase once I run out. 

Have you tried the cc cream yet?
x Lisa


Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Perfect Winged Liner Guide.

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I have been wearing a winged liner since I was about 14. I just can't do my makeup without it, I literally feel naked. I would rather not do my brows than skipping my liner. With that being said, I feel like I tried many many liners and techniques over the years and thought this would be the perfect post to share with you guys. So here we go.

The Liner
The most important part about getting that perfect winged liner is the product itself. The kind of product you like really comes down to your preferences. I love a felt tip and waterproof black liner. My current faves are the NYX Epic Ink Liner and the Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner Pen. For days when I don't need my liner to last forever, I choose the Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick. Not my fave for a longlasting wing, but an easy product to use anyway.

The Technique 
First,  you will want to draw a thin line in the inner corner of your eye as close to the lashline as you can. Cover around half to three-quarters of your lash line. Then it's time to define the wing. When you are happy with the wing simply connect the two and fill the gap. YAY!

The Style
There are many many styles when it comes to a winged liner or even a liner in general. Just try out what suits your personal style. This is the fun part!

x Lisa

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Heat Proof Summer Makeup.

As much as I am craving autumn and the colder days right now, it is still quite hot here in Germany. So today I thought I would share with you my heatproof summer makeup products that I use right now. I never really wear heavy and full coverage makeup anymore. However, in the summer it's even more important to me to use light products. Nobody got time for cakey makeup that is literally melting of your face. So what are the kind of products that I use to achieve my heat proof makeup?

Embrace the dewiness. 
Firstly, embracing the dewiness is key for me. There is no point in trying to stay matte when it's over thirty degrees. So instead of fighting the glow, let's embrace it. The best way to do that is by sticking to cream products as much as possible. A cream bronzer, highlighter, and blush look much more natural, especially in the summer. Whenever I use too many powder products in the heat, a cakey mess is almost guaranteed.

Setting Sprays. 
If you take anything away from this post, then please invest in a good setting spray. It not only makes sure that your makeup lasts longer but it also takes away the powderiness of your base makeup. I always need to set my undereye concealer with a bit of powder. Using a setting spray afterwards makes sure that everything blends in seamlessly.

Ditch full coverage products. 
Nobody is perfect. So try and ditch the full coverage products. And to be honest, sometimes heavy-duty foundations just accentuate your flaws. So maybe try and go for a lighter bb or cc cream instead and just conceal the spots that you really want to have covered. Or maybe ditch the foundation all together? You got this!

x Lisa


Sunday, August 25, 2019

My Style Staples | Blazer Edit.

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Today I thought I'd continue the new series on my blog: My Style Staples. The concept is simple and you get exactly what it says. I want to talk about the staple pieces in my daily wardrobe. Today, it's all about the Blazer.

The Occasion 
I honestly think you can (almost) never go wrong with a blazer. It's such an easy go-to when you want to elevate your outfit in an easy way. Wearing a white tee and jeans but it's not smart enough? Put a blazer on top. Wearing a cute dress but it's just a bit too girly? Put a blazer on top. It changes the vibe of your outfit instantly. 

The Color
I personally love playing with a bit of color when it comes to blazers, but nothing too crazy. I like to stick to quite neutral tones, like beige, light pink or grey. But if you just starting out your blazer collection I highly recommend investing in a well-fitting black and simple blazer. This will go with everything.

The Cut 
The right cut for a blazer is a very personal choice. It largely depends on your body shape and of course your desired style. I personally love a longer cut which is quite well-tailored and goes slightly in at the waist. I just find it to be the most suitable for my body and my personal style. But I do love the look of very oversized blazers on others. A short cut blazer can be also very cute. 

The Brand
When it comes to Blazers I think you can find the perfect fit in every price category. I mainly get mine from Zara, probably not surprising if you know me. But I do love the look of a Balmain blazer and I am sure one or two will find their way into my closet sooner or later. 

Low - Medium Priced

Medium - High Priced

Are you as obsessed with blazers as I am?
x Lisa


Sunday, August 4, 2019

What I Learned From Breaking My Leg.

Around two months back, at the end of May, I broke my ankle. I was actually on holiday in Switzerland with my boyfriend and his family and while hiking a mountain it happened. I slipped and immediately knew I broke my bones. It had to be operated right away and due to the fact that I was on top of a mountain surrounded by snow, I had to be picked up by a helicopter. Yes, it does sound quite dramatic but to me, it was all such a blur that it doesn't even feel that dramatic. 

However, the two months following my accident were actually the hardest part. Not being able to walk for six weeks straight and still having to use crutches to this day for walking outside the house really takes a toll on you and your mental health. It is funny how you can take the smallest things for granted, like being able to pop out and go to the grocery store alone, cleaning the house or simply going down a few stairs to go and get the post. I am a lot better now and make progress every day. Today I was reflecting on the past eight weeks and how much that time actually taught me, besides wearing supportive hiking shoes. So I thought I would share with you what I learned from breaking my leg. 

1. It's okay to slow down.
One of the main things I struggled with, especially in the beginning, was that I wasn't able to live as fast-paced as I normally do. Every little thing took so much longer and I simply needed to slow down in every aspect of my life. On top of that, I was in the process of applying for jobs. Even though I was obviously able to send my applications and work on my laptop, but going to interviews was a bit more tricky. But I did it. With crutches and my cast, I went to a few interviews after about 4 weeks post-accident and I never had the impression that it hindered the interview in any way. (And I actually just got an amazing job offer! YAY). 

2. Sometimes, you got to accept some mess.
My boyfriend knows how much I need to have tidiness around me. I just hate things to be out of place and I simply can't go to bed before the house is tidy and neat. Obviously, I was not able to tidy... at all. And while my boyfriend still had his shifts at the hospital and on top of that had to drive me around to doctors appointments, interviews, and physiotherapy, while managing the household... our flat got pretty messy at times. Obviously, I can't expect him to tidy up as much as I would, especially while having so much on his plate already, but I have to admit that it was kind of stressful for me at times to just sit and watch the chaos while not being able to do anything about it. But thankfully I am now back to tidying like a mad woman again, haha.. 

3. Try and find the bright side.
I am thankfully a quite optimistic person, so I didn't necessarily need to learn how to see the bright side. But my accident definitely reminded me of how important it is to see the positive in things. Maybe I just needed this time to slow down. However, one of the first things I said after coming out of surgery and seeing my boyfriend and his family was that I was actually glad it happened to me and not them. And while they wear laughing, I was actually not joking. While the surgery was going on I thought about how much more inconvenient it would have been for anyone of my boyfriends family, who needed to take a 12-hour flight a week later, to have had this accident. So I guess I was lucky in being unlucky. You could say I took one for the team.

4. Accepting help is fine.
Another hard one for me. I am normally a very self-sufficient person who loves to do everything on her own. I do not like to ask for help unless there is absolutely no other way. And now I needed help with everything. And I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I couldn't get into the shower without help, I couldn't carry a cup of tea from the kitchen to the living room without help... So accepting help was a big lesson for me. And I really think we all should ask for help from time to time. And please don't break a leg just to learn this lesson!

5. Don't take the small things for granted.
I never appreciated being able to walk and being so independent. And seeing how much I struggled with this short term inability to do anything I want, it really taught me to appreciate the small things. We all should just be grateful for what we have, even if we are just healthy and happy. There is nothing more important than that. 

& most importantly: always wear the right kind of shoes kids!

x Lisa

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Brand Focus | Givenchy Beauty.

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I recently realized that I never really talked about Givenchy beauty on here. I might not have the biggest collection of their products, but the few I do own, I absolutely own. So today I thought I would go through my Givenchy beauty bits with you and let you know why you might need them in your beauty bag!

1. Givenchy L'Interdit Perfume 
One of my fave summer perfumes is L'Interdit by Givenchy. It has subtle floralness to it without smelling like a whole field of wild flowers. I am normally someone who stays awaz from very floral scents but this one just hits the spot for me and is perfect for spring/summer time. I am not the best at describing scents so I would say just give it a spritz whenever you'll be around a beauty counter. You won't regret it! 

2. Givenchy Mister Brow Filler 
Whenever I am running late and I have to quickly fix my brows, the Givenchy Mister Brow Filler is my life saviour. It's a thicker gel which holds my brows in place, gives the more volume and also gives it more depth as it's quite pigmented. But I would say handle with caution. Because it is so pigmented you are better off with applying a bit at a time and not go all in at once. 

3. Ginvenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow
Similar to the Mister Brow Filler, the Ombre Couture cream eyeshadow is my 'lazy day eye look' saviour. It's a very buildable brown cream eyeshadow that is very easy to work with. Most of the time I wear it quite sheer all over the lid or instead of liner on my upper lash line. But I can definetly build it up when I need a more dramatic look. I can also imagine it working well as a base when you have a non-lazy day. 

Have you tried anything from Givenchy yet?

x Lisa


Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Spring/Summer Dress Edit.

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It's finally the time of the year where we can get out all of our fave summery dresses. I am someone who wear dresses all year round (yes, also in winters). But I still get excited about lightweight linen fabrics and floral patterns. And who doesn't love a beautiful midi or maxi dress when it's hot and sunny outside? Well, I certainly do.

Today I want to share with you my current fave picks and new in pieces in my wardrobe. Enjoy!

Are you excited for summer dress season?

x Lisa

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Five Things To Purge From Your Closet Right Now.

I have recently talked about 'Minimalism & My Closet'. This is a topic I am absolutely passionate about. However, as much as I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, I am not sure that it would actually work for me. But we all have certain categories of items in our closet, that we could and should get rid of right now.

It doesn't fit (anymore). 
I guess we all have at least one item in our closet that just doesn't fit. And yet, we hold onto it. Why? Well, we either hope to fit into it one day, or we used to love it and it just doesn't fit anymore. Either way, it is time to get rid of it!

The price tag is still on. 
I am guilty of this. But sometimes I am even glad that I leave the tags on until I actually wear the item. This way, when I go through my closet and I see a dress with a tag that I bought last year, I know I haven't worn it and I probably never will. So again, get rid of it!

It's completely uncomfortable. 
This one is a hard one. I used to have quite a few items in my closet that looked beautiful, fit like a glove but I just don't reach for them. Why? Because they feel awful when I wear them. Be it shoes that rub or a sweater that itches, life is too short for uncomfortable clothes. Toss them! (and by that I mean to sell or donate, please don't actually toss it.)

For a red carpet event. 
I often preach that when you see a dress you love, buy it just in case you need it. And while most of the time you will end up needing a cute dress for a wedding or a work event, you probably won't need an outfit that can only be worn to the Oscars. Unless you are Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson and if you are, hey girl.. hold onto your sparkly floor length gown. Otherwise, it's time to go. 

For the memories. 
This is probably the hardest category. The memory items. Okay, please don't just get rid of your wedding dress or your childs first little outfit. But definitely go through those 'memory items' and think about if you really, really want to hold onto them. And if you do, store them away safely. There is no need for them to take up space in your wardrobe. 

Happy declutter!

x Lisa


Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Products That Changed My Skin.

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Around a month back, my skin started acting up. I broke my ankle and spend some time in the hospital. I guess it was a mixture of all the medication, stress and scaling down my skincare routine that let my skin looking dull, dry and very textured. When I was back home and starting to feel a bit better I wanted to work on getting my skin back to normal. 

I did some research and decided to treat myself to some new products. I have been testing these over the past few weeks and today I will share with you the products that have literally changed my skin.

This has been one of the best products I have tried in a long time. I wanted to try a good chemical peel for a while and let me tell you. I won't go back. My skin looks plumper, fresher and I even think my pores got smaller. Obsessed!

I heard so many amazing things about this mask. And as my skin really lacked in the glow department, I thought some enzymes would be the right thing for me. This is for sure my new go-to mask. My skin feels so much softer and more alive. I use this about once a week.

Even though I was on the hunt for some new products, I wanted to play it safe and stick with a moisturizer I know and love. For me, there is nothing better than the Clinique Moisture Surge. A very light moisturizer, which leaves my skin feeling hydrated without any tacky feeling. YAY!

Just before my little accident I actually used up all my serums. I knew I wanted something with Hyaluronic Acid. But I also wanted to incorporate some Vitamin C into my routine for that extra glow. So right now I am using the La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 serum at night and their Pure Vitamin C10 serum in the day. The perfect combination for me.

Whenever my skin looks dull and dry I know I have to start using oils again. I know it can be a bit intimidating, especially in the summer. But I would just say if you start using oils maybe start by only using them at night. The Caudalie Vinosource oil is a beautiful light oil and doesn't feel 'too much' even in the hot summer nights we had recently. I am in love.

If you want to change up your beauty products or simply stock up on your faves, Notino is having a Summer Black Friday week starting tomorrow, the 8th of July until the 14th!

Happy shopping everyone!
x Lisa


Sunday, June 30, 2019

My Style Staples | Belt it.

*This post was written in Collaboration with Micolet

I am sure we all know those days when everything we put on looks boring. We already wore the same outfit approximately one million times and we feel like we desperately need a closet refresh. But before you go on a massive splurge on countless new dresses, maybe try some new accessories first. And if you want to save even more money, you should definitely check out Micolet, a second-hand clothing and accessory heaven. 

Yes, a simple belt around your waist can absolutely transform your outfit. I don't just mean put a belt on with your jeans, I mean belt your dresses, coats, everything.  It not only transforms your outfit, but it also gives your oversized coat or flowy dress a much more tailored and sinched in look. It's like a new piece altogether. I currently love my Zara belts but I for sure need to invest in the skinny black Gucci belt... obsessed!

Belts can be so fun, also you can choose a super skinny black sophisticated belt, but you can also go all out and set a statement with a chunky red belt. It's all up to you and your mood. 

Low - Medium Priced

Medium - High Priced

Do you wear belts on a regular basis? 
x Lisa