It's this time of the year again. I am saying goodbye to 2018 and say hello to a new start: 2019. However, like every year, I like to take the time and recap on the past year, see what I have achieved and also make some affirmations for the next year. 
Recap 2018
In last year's annual recap my main goals were to get healthier, to succeed in university, feeling at home somewhere and travel more. One thing I have done quite early on in 2018 was traveling more. This year was truly a year of exploring new places and countries for me. It started with a trip to Montenegro, then on to a two-week road trip through southern Germany and Austria. This trip we repeated just a few weeks later, as it was just too beautiful not to share it with my family. Then I had a few lovely days in Amsterdam with my boyfriend's sister and we had to spend a few days yet again, in Austria and then ended our trip in Prague. In between, we spend countless weekends on different city breaks, like Berlin and Dresden. So traveling more has been a full-on success. 

As far as my health goes, I discovered CrossFit this year for me. This is something I always wanted to try but was simply too scared to do it. I might have not gone just as much as I wanted to, partially because all of the travelings we have been doing this year, but I am very happy that I found a new workout style that challenges me a lot, but also is very exciting and fun. 

I am currently writing my Masters thesis and have successfully finished all my exams this year. So I can proudly say that I can tick off 'succeeding in university' from my list. 

'Feeling at home somewhere' was something I didn't think would be happening in 2018. I even said the same in the post at the beginning of the year. Moving apartment and finally having our own furniture and our own space didn't seem very logical at this stage of my life, as I am graduating university soon and we simply don't know where I will end up. However, quite surprisingly the perfect apartment for us became free just in the beginning of December and I can honestly say, that I feel so at home here. 

So if I look back at everything I wished for in 2018 and what I actually achieved, then 2018 was a full on success for me. 
So what do I wish for in 2019? 

Find my dream job
Well, to be honest, I can't pinpoint one major goal I have for this year. But a more general goal would be to find my dream job/career. I will be graduating at the end of March and I am so excited, but also nervous, to start out in the working world. I am looking forward to new challenges, to a new routine and just to connect with new people. But I would be lying if I'd say that this new world doesn't frighten me a bit. But something, being scared is just a sign of something new and better coming around, right?

Keep up with Crossfit 
As I said earlier, I fell in love with CrossFit this year. However, I didn't manage to go quite as frequently as I wanted to and I hope this will change in the new year. 

Keep up the traveling 
Another thing I loved this year and I hope to continue throughout 2019: traveling. There is actually quite a big trip planned in February and I can't wait.. I'll be going to India! So excited!

Now I would love to hear what you are wishing for in 2019.

x Lisa