*This post was written in collaboration with Europa Apotheek

I don't know what it is about autumn, but as soon as it starts to get colder I want to step up my skincare game. This year, I have discovered a brand that I am so excited about. The brand is Dermasence. I have previously been drawn to the skincare products with the prettiest packaging, like Charlotte Tilbury, or the most impressive brand name, like Estee Lauder. But this one is different as it is a medical skincare range. And in this case, different works!

Just to clarify, their products have been sent to me in PR but with no obligation to write this post. However, I have since used them for months and months and my skin has never looked and felt better... so I felt like I just needed to tell you guys about them. 

The first product I fell in love with is the AHA Body & Face Lotion. I have been loving Alpha Hydroxy Acids products for a while now, so I knew this would be a winner. And as you can use it on your face and body it's so versatile. However, I mainly use it on my body, as I love another product for my face much more.. keep on reading to find out what it is. 

Then I tried the little travel set consisting of their tonic and cleansing mousse. Two beautiful cleansers which don't feel drying or harsh on my skin. I love them, but to be honest there are a lot of other cleansers out there that I love just as much. So if you only want to try one of their products, you can skip these ones. But if you are looking for a new cleanser and don't want to commit to a full-size product yet.. try these!

Last but certainly not least, is the AHA Effects plus C creme. Oh my.. this is for sure the star of their range. If you have very sensitive skin, you maybe should look for a different product from their range because this one is more on the intense side. It contains 8% glycolic acid and 2% vitamin C. This absolutely transformed my skin and made it appear much clearer and fresher.

And because Dermasence is a medical skincare brand their products are only available in pharmacies, online and offline. You can buy Dermasence and other products for your skincare on Europa Apotheek

Have you tried any of their products yet?

x Lisa