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If you haven't heard about It Cosmetics yet, you probably lived under the rock the past two years. And if you heard of them, probably because of their hyped CC cream. I first discovered it through The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles what feels like years ago. But it was quite hard to get hold of here in Germany so I quickly gave up on ever trying it. Now that it has launched in Germany as well I just had to take the plunge. 

As far as I know, it was only available online back when I got it in February, so finding the right color for me proofed itself to be quite the challenge. (Especially if you consider the price tag). I went with the second lightest shade as I read this one pulls the least warm. My skin is quite cool and pink toned so warm tones always look horrible on me. I must say the shade is probably a bit too dark for me. I can definitely make it work over the summer months but I think I will get the lightest shade 'fair' sooner or later. Maybe I will end up mixing both just like Anna does. So yeah, not impressed with the shade range. 

But the shade range is honestly the one thing I can complain about. I have worn this foundation in 40°C heat and -10°C cold and it hasn't moved a bit. It looks so natural while being middle to high coverage. I haven't been this obsessed with a foundation in a long time. So even though it is not the cheapest, I can see myself investing in the lighter shade for the coming months. Another thing I love is the packaging. It might not look as chic as a Chanel glass bottle but it is so practical. I absolutely hate traveling with heavy and breakable foundation bottles so this one quickly became my go-to for these occasions. And every other occasion if I am completely honest.. The finish is pretty high coverage for a CC cream and still manages to be glowy. Such a dream.

Have you tried the It Cosmetics CC cream? If so, which shade are you?

x Lisa