It's (almost) my birthday.. actually, it is tomorrow. Even though I always love other peoples birthdays and think about cute surprises for them, I am actually not the biggest fan of my own birthday. Okay, that doesn't mean I hate that day or I totally ignore it. But I personally, like to keep it on the low. I never was one to have huge birthday parties or remind everyone around me that my birthday is coming up. Instead, I like a relaxed day for myself and I also don't mind seeing some of my favorite people that day. Additionally, my birthday falls on a Monday this year. So family and friends are mostly at work and busy anyway. So today I want to share with you a few things you can do if you like to celebrate your birthday but don't 'really' want to do anything. 

Have a lie-in 
Okay, okay.. this might not be that exciting to everyone and some of you don't even have the luxury to lie in that day. But if you can, and if you value sleeping as much as I do, treat yourself to a couple of extra hours in bed. Don't set an alarm and even when you wake up.. just stay in bed that extra hour and enjoy being one year older. And if you want to go that extra mile: put on new sheets on your bed the night before and don't forget the fresh set of pajamas. Maybe even buy yourself some new cozy slippers for when you finally get out of bed. 

Take yourself out for breakfast
Who says you need companionship to go out for breakfast or even better brunch? It's your day. So go out to your fave cafe or a brunch spot which you wanted to try for ages and order whatever you want. Breakfast is one of my highlights of any day so why not treat yourself? 

Treat yourself even more
So, just because you are spending your birthday on your own doesn't mean you can't have birthday cake.. right? If you are an avid baker why not bake something for yourself or just run to a bakery and choose the cake that looks best to you. Yumm... But if you are not into cakes at all why not treat yourself to something different, is it Pizza you like? or you would rather buy yourself a new lipstick? Whatever it is.. just go for it. Remember: there are no rules on your birthday, especially when you spend it on your own. 

Have a pamper evening
This must be my favorite part of a 'stay-at-home-birthday'. And the best thing.. maybe your friends are out of work by the time evening rolls around and they can join you? Whether or not you are in company or alone: A good pamper night is a beautiful way to end your birthday either way. Run yourself a bath, use the expensive face mask you have been saving for special occasions and put on a movie that makes you feel good. Maybe you even have some cake left from the afternoon? Best. night. ever. 

x Lisa