If you have been on social media recently you probably have come across the new Dyson Airwrap Styler. When I have first seen a short clip about it on the British Vogue social media channels I wasn't sure what exactly I was seeing. It kinda looked like those self-spinning curler that mostly ends up in a disaster. But if you look closely, you can see that the barrel is actually not moving.

Dyson is using something that is called the Coanda effect. It basically is a spinning vortex which attracts your hair and therefore wraps it around the barrel. Also, this is really not a traditional curler. It doesn't heat up like your normal curling iron would. So it is way healthier for your hair..  It uses hot air, just like a hair dryer would and styles it while drying it. That's also why it works the best on damp hair. 

I have looked at loads of videos about this new hairstyling tool, but I have to admit that the price tag is just a bit too high for a student... 500 just to style my hair... no thanks. But my boyfriend must have picked up on it (I seriously don't know how.. we didn't talk about it at all) and a few days later, today, he surprised me with it on my birthday. 

I was obviously over the moon and hat a little play with it on my unwashed but damp hair this morning. I was expecting to have some difficulties, as most reviews said you need some time to get used to it but honestly I loved it from the first second. Even though I didn't do it very neatly and my hair was due to a wash anyway.. I was left with super bouncy and light curls. But I really wanted to try it properly so I washed my hair and tried it again.. what can I say? It looked equally perfect. I am now writing this post almost 12 hours later. The curls have dropped a bit in the first 30 minutes, just like they would with a normal curler. But since then they have stayed in place like nothing I have ever seen. I have even had a little nap with them this afternoon and I still looked like I just had my hair styled professionaly. And all of this hold without this 'crunchy' and dry feeling you normally get when curling your hair.
I can only assume that styling your hair while it's drying sets the curls into place even more than just heat styling your hair would. 

Even though I won't go into detail on how to use the airwrap (there are plenty of videos online), I have to say that the curling barrels are my favorite part about the styler. They come in two different sizes and two different directions each (for each side of your hair). Changing them is honestly so effortless and doesn't take any time at all.

In addition to that, it comes with a drying attachment so you can use it as your hairdryer as well. It's supposed to be a bit less powerful than the normal Dyson dryer but honestly.. I couldn't feel a difference. Then there are three other attachments. A round brush for a voluminous blowout look and two brushes each for a thicker/corse or thinner/straight hair texture. So there is something for everyone. 

Oh and have I mentioned the beautiful brown faux leather box it comes in? Storage goals!

Would I recommend it? YES! I find this to be such a revolutionary product. It not only makes my curls more bouncy and shiny, but the whole process is so much faster. I don't have to properly dry my hair and then curl it.. Now it's two steps in one. But if you are someone who never really styles their hair other than blowdrying it.. maybe this is a bit too expensive for you and you should rather get their hairdryer. 

One thing I have to say is that you have to figure out the right dampness level. Your hair shouldn't be completely wet, but also not too dry. But the drying attachment helps you with that. 

Have you tried it yet? Is that something that would interest you? 

x Lisa