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Half of you are probably mourning the loss of hot summer days and the other half still can't get enough of all the earthy tones and chunky knits coming out in the stores right now. I am for sure part of the second category. It is October... it feels like I have waited all year for this!

I (obviously) have a thing for autumn in general, but October is the month I am most excited about. It's not only that it's my birthday month but also shopping is so much more fun. Even though the autumn pieces start to hit the stores in early September, I always feel like shops are a weird mix of the last summer dresses and new winter coats at this time of the year. But October... oh in October it's autumn heaven in the retail world. 

So what are my essentials that I always like to look for at the beginning of autumn/winter?

Blazer season 
I don't know how the conditions are in the rest of the world but in Germany, and Europe in general September and October call for blazer season. It's not as hot anymore that we can get away with just wearing a cute dress but our winter coats are still too warm. So my favorite time of the year begins. I just love to layer a pretty earth-toned blazer with cute short dresses, especially when they are black. This is a great way to transition some of your summer dresses to the new season and get even more wear out of them. 

Coats everywhere
Of course, what is autumn without a cozy new coat? My collection is admittable quite big so I really have to restrain myself. But I mostly end up investing in one new coat every year (or two..) and refresh my coat closet. Generally, I love a structured and longer coat in neutral tones but I try and stay away from black coats as most of my dresses are already black. And why not belt your coat to change things up? 

Dresses to layer
You thought you can find dresses only in my summer wardrobe? Well, then you clearly don't know me. I only, repeat only, wear dresses or skirts. In the summer I love a cute linen dress and in the winter I love a long-sleeved dress paired with some opaque tights. 

What are your autumn fashion staples?

x Lisa