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Whether you are a student or working in an office job, chances are you need a work bag. I personally have been through many different bags since being a student and working in internships. I always thought I'd finally found the perfect bag but after using it for some time it became clear that I would have to keep looking. So today I want to talk you through what I personally feel like you should consider when buying a bag for your work. 

1. What do I need it for?
Just because most of us have a work bag, it doesn't mean we all have the same requirements. So before going out to buy your new bag, you should consider what requirements your new bag has to meet. And yes... size matters. So what do you actually need to fit into your bag? Is it just your wallet, phone and maybe a small notebook? That's great! But if you also need to fit your laptop, lunch and a water bottle, chances are you might need to look for a bigger bag. But it's not only the size you should consider. How do you travel to work/university? If it's with public transport or you are running around a lot you should consider a shoulder strap. Are you in a busy city? Then maybe go for a secure bag that you can close properly. 

2. Is it a longterm investment or just a quick fix?
When buying a new work bag you should always think about how long you see yourself using this bag. I don't know if it's an age thing, but these days I see my purchases as investments. Especially handbags. So if you only need a bag for a year, go with a low budget. But if you really want one that will stay with you for years and years you need to invest. I am not saying you need to spend thousands and thousands on high-end designer goods, a good mid-priced but high-quality brand should do the job. Of course, this always depends on what you can actually afford. So just compare your personal budget with the level of quality you need and you will find the perfect price range for you. Just keep in mind that going for the cheapest option isn't the best idea most of the time. 

3. What am I actually wearing on a daily basis?
This is something you should never ever forget. Your bag can be the perfect size, the perfect quality but what if it doesn't go with your day to day style? Chances are, you won't be reaching for it. So before buying your new dream bag try to imagine it with the outfits you already own and wear. But please don't imagine yourself in completely new outfits which you have seen on Pinterest. In reality, you most likely won't wear them, at least not any time soon. Things to consider are the overall style, the color and don't forget about the hardware! 

Now I want to share with you my current favorites in all different price segments. Currently, the Kurt Geiger Emma Tote is not leaving my side. The black leather goes with everything in my wardrobe, the gold hardware is perfect for my jewelry collection and the size is spot on for my needs. And I mean.. it's so pretty, isn't it? 

low priced

medium priced

high priced

Which one is your fave?
x Lisa