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Traveling with makeup hasn't been a huge concern of mine for years. Not because I don't wear a lot of makeup (duh) but mostly because I just didn't travel all that much. The occasional weekend trip to a friend's house excluded there were not that many occasions where I had to think about what makeup to pack. And let me tell you there is a huge difference between packing for a summer holiday that includes a flight or just staying at your best friends house for a night. To be honest,  I would probably not even pack any makeup for the last one.. so there is that. But especially this year I have been on loads of trips in and outside of Germany. So travel makeup has been something I had to look into.

If you actually have been on holidays that include flying you know how stressful the thought of your favorite (and most possible expensive) highlighter breaking can be. The space issue is also something to consider. You feel like you need to be prepared for a natural glowy and heatproof look for strolling through the city. But what if you decide to have a night out? What if you spontaneously get invited to a red carpet event? Some events might be more realistic than others but a girl likes to be prepared, right? So I have written down my top tips for packing your travel makeup bag. 

1. Cream is key. 
I never thought I would say that, but cream products are the way to go. I started using cream products on trips simply out of the fear of my powder products breaking in my luggage. I wasn't too sure if this would be a good idea, especially in a hot climate. I don't know why but I thought it would just melt off my face. Well, let me tell you.. I am so glad I discovered the world of the glorious cream products. It all started with the Charlotte Tilbury Contour and Highlight wands.. I packed these for my trip to Montenegro in April. I was just too scared to take my beloved Rodial powders and have them smashed. I loved the creamy formula from the second I first tried them. They blended like a dream, stayed on like nothing else and the best: they looked so much more natural than any powder ever has. So try to experiment with more creamy textures wherever you can. I would definitely recommend cream eyeshadows, blushes, contour products and of course highlighter. 

2. Go for minis. 
A very obvious but useful one are minis. I know that most makeup products don't come in a mini version but skincare very often does. I actually take around travel-sized Charlotte Tilbury skincare bits with me. It saves so much space and weight. YAY! You can also buy some small plastic container and fill them up with some of your foundation or shampoo. I love to do this especially with products that come in a glass bottle. Nobody got time for glass packaging when traveling. 

3. Choose wisely. 
Versatile products are your best friend when traveling. It's maybe not the best time to pack your blue eyeshadow palette that you meant to try out for ages. You probably won't use it at all, and if you do, it will be for one night only. So stick with neutrals, with things you know you will wear daily and not get bored of. A neutral eyeshadow palette can be a godsend. The lighter shades for the day and if you really want to dress up for the night just deepen the look with a darker shade. Another thing is to only take one thing of each category. I am someone who is obsessed with pinky nude lipsticks. I would guess I have around 30 of them. And I adore every single one. But does that mean I need all of them on my trip? Nope. So I try to take one matte and one glossy nude version. And just to be safe I take one red lipstick if I feel fancy (never happens though). 

x Lisa