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It's summer, and summer calls for linen. This is probably no surprise for most of you but to be completely honest.. I never ever was interested in anything linen. To me, it was something for old people. A boring fabric that is high maintenance. And yes, to be fair, it is a bit high maintenance. I definitely have to get out my steamer more often than I did before my linen love affair, but it is so worth it! 

It all started in April. I was on a city break in Salzburg with my boyfriends family and it was HOT. Of course, I was not prepared as I was expecting a nice mild spring weather. So I wasn't very pleased with my packing choices. Obviously, I have to pop into Zara whenever I am near one, this is how I stumbled across this gorgeous white linen dress. It is a bit too short for me to wear on its own but it works perfectly fine with tights. I wasn't sure about it but I really loved the look of it. Needless to say, I got loads of compliments the next day when I wore it and the best part.. it felt so amazing. If you haven't tried linen clothes on a hot summer day you are seriously missing out. I haven't come across a more cooling and comfortable fabric. 

So this is how my love for linen started. I since added a few midi and maxi linen dresses to my collection to wear them in summer without tights. Here are a few of my current faves and cravings I might need to get soon. 

low/medium priced

medium/high priced

Do you love linen as much as I do? Or are you still skeptical?

x Lisa