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I know, shopping is so much fun. Especially now that online shopping (and returning) is so easy. But I think this also leads us to a problem: not necessarily overspending, but most definitely overbuying. We all have at least one item in our closet that we have bought months ago but never actually wore? Maybe we just loved how it looked on this Blogger on Instagram or we loved the particular shade of pink but the cut was more a compromise. I know how tempting it is, especially when it's sale time or Asos has upped their student discount to 20%. But if you never wear it, it's still a bad investment. So I think we should all take a step back in really evaluate what a good investment might be. And the fun part: If you buy less quantity you can invest more in quality. 

So today I will share with you my top pieces you should invest into right now. They are classics and seem to be 'in fashion' every season. One more thing I wanted to add before getting started is that good quality often comes at a higher price, but that surely doesn't mean you have to pair hundreds and hundreds of euros on boots. But maybe the 15euro boots won't cut it either. Find a middle way that suits your budget. Just never, I repeat NEVER, compromise on quality just to buy more.

The Trench
When you think about a trench coat, do you also picture a kick-ass businesswoman on her way to the office checking e-mails and grabbing a Starbucks on the go? Well, that's at least what I do. And if you want that look, and not ending up looking like a detective, you should invest in the right one... the right one for you! I can't tell you exactly which one it is, because it's simply different for everyone. Maybe a modern short trench will look amazing on you, but maybe you should stick to the classic long cut. The colour is also worth looking into. The classic beige is something I think looks amazing on everyone. But there are so many more options.. a darker camel, black, navy, blush. Whatever suits you and your style the best. So give yourself and browse until you find the one that makes you feel like that kick-ass businesswoman. 

The Loafer
Even if it seems like this trend has just recently popped up (hello Gucci!) but it has actually been around for ages. I think this one is a bit of a "love it or hate it" thing. But I definitely love them. If you are looking to invest in a pair that you can wear with everything, I think black is the way to go. 

The Ankle Boots
I don't really mean to tell you guys to get everything in black, but I just think that investment pieces are something where you can never go wrong with choosing black. It's a classic for a reason. The same applies to a good quality pair of black ankle boots. They have been a staple in my closet for years and years and I think I am not the only one.

The Plain Dress
You know those days where you are rushing off to a dinner, an important appointment or another occasion where you know t-shirt and jeans won't cut it. To be fair, I only wear dresses (yes, really!) so my collection is quite big. But I get questions all the time how I manage to find so many dresses that I like. Well, my tip is to not go and hunt for one. Just check your favourite shops from time to time and just buy it right away when you see it. Even if that means buying a white off-shoulder dress in November. You never know when you will find another one that is your style, cut and colour. But I urge everyone to have at least one very plain classic dress in their closet, ideally in a neutral colour.

Dainty Jewelry 
Something I feel like people tend to forget. Accessories! It's tempting to get caught up with all the fun and low priced custom jewellery you can find at high street stores. But I have personally stopped buying them in the last few years. I just end up wearing them once or twice and then they will start to lose their gold coloured plating and they just won't be in style anymore. But if you get a few dainty pieces made of quality materials you will get so much more for your money. Also, they look so much better. 

The Black Bag 
Another one that probably most of you thinks about when I say investment pieces: handbags. Okay I don't think you should run to Chanel right now and get yourself a classic flap. (To be fair I would probably to that if my bank account wouldn't have a good laugh at me). But you can surely get a bag that will last ages and will go with most outfits. Just stick to high-quality materials, classic designs and neutral colours. Easy!

Of course, you won't be able to get everything at the same time. And you shouldn't! Take your time and wait for the right pieces. Don't compromise ever. That will ensure you will be happier with your closet and in the long run even save you some money. Sound's like a great deal, right?

x Lisa