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I have been resisting the liquid lipstick hype for ages. Don't get me wrong, I love a good matte lip but I just can't stand the dryness that (I thought) comes with the liquid formula. A few months back, however, I stumbled across the most beautiful pinky nude shade by YSL. So I took the plunge and LOVED everything about it.

So basically, *YSL Couture Tatouage was my first big liquid lipstick love. I was so obsessed with wearing it that I contemplated buying another shade or trying another brand. But I know myself and I mostly stick with pinky nudes, so I thought I would give the *Chanel Rouge Allure Ink a shot. I already own loads of Chanel lip products (shoutout to the Rouge Coco in "Adrienne".. such a gem) so I was very excited. 
The formular is way thinner than the YSL one, which is already very light. But YSL manages to pack a lot of pigmentation in it's light formula. Chanel however, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I still wear it, still like it. But for the money, I don't know if I would buy it again. YSL is just a bit better. Also, Chanel should really work on their shade range. 

After this, I wanted to try a more opaque and more matte formula. I got a bit brave and wasn't that scared of the dryness anymore. I did some research and came across the *Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips range. All the swatches I could find online where so pigmented and rich, that I just needed to try one. I was, obvioulsly, on the look for a pinky nude. That was abit of challenge as the pinks looked very pink and deep and the nudes were pretty warm toned with an orange hint. Unfortunately, these kinds of nudes don't suit me at all. In the end, I decided to go for "Rising Star". Stil a very bright pink but not too bright. Definetly wearable for me. I am a bit scared to say this, but I think this is my new fave. It is opaque, longlasting and feels amazing on the lips. Of course it is a bit more drying than Chanel. But the Chanel lipstick just never went full on matte. So this is to be expected. I just wish CT would bring out more shades.. maybe a "Pillow Talk" in liquid lipstick form? I would buy 10!

Now I would love to hear about your liquid lipstick recommendations!

xx Lisa