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Skincare is something I am very passionate about. I mean your skin is the base for whatever makeup you put on it. So if you look after it properly, it will make the biggest difference. As you all know I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury products. But I have only really talked about her makeup up until now. So today, we will change that. 

Before we start I think it is helpful to know what skin type I am. I would say my skin is more on the dry side with the odd blemish every few weeks (or better-said once a month). My biggest issue is that my skin is quite sensitive and tends to get red very easily.

So with that out of the way, let's start with the products and what I think about them. 

This is one of the most hyped products by Charlotte. I used to hear so many amazing things about that I knew I just had to try it. And I am not disappointed. It's the most perfect consistency for me. Some creams are either too heavy and sticky or just not moisturising enough. But this is right in the middle.

Because I loved the Magic Cream so much I had to try the night version of it. It is much heavier as you would expect. I would not wear it with makeup on top but that's why it's a night cream, right? For the colder months this a godsend though. Sometimes my skin feels very tight and itchy because of the cold air outside and the dry air inside that I put on an extra thick layer of this and my skin feels totally different the next morning. I don't see myself using this a lot in the summer months though. But I am yet to test it.

This one was a surprise for me. I am normally not that excited about eye creams. I mean, I feel like I need to use them but I never feel a difference when I do. Until I found this gem. My concealer lasts longer, my eyes are less puffy and the most important part: my under-eyes feel so much more hydrated. If you will get one of the products from this post, it seriously should be this one.

I have to be honest that I haven't used this mask a lot yet. I gave it a try a few weeks back and loved the result. I was a bit hesitant because I was scared that I might wake up with an orange face but that was not the case. Instead, I found myself looking slightly sunkissed. I used it again the following night and could intensify the result. So it's definitely buildable. And it didn't break me out. I know this is often a problem when fake tanning your face. But so far there haven't been any problems for me.

My holy grail mask. I actually have been using this for over a year and get back to it all the time. This is another very hyped CT product. Again.. for a good reason. My skin looks so clear and smooth every time I use it. Obsessed!

I wasn't sure if I should include the next two products in this skincare post. It's not really skincare but not really makeup either. I would put them in the primer category. On the other hand, especially the Hollywood Flawless Filter, is way more than a primer. You can use it as one, but you can also use it on its own or over the makeup as a highlighter. I love it so much and can't wait to use it more often in the summer.

My primer of choice, every single day. I love this for its glow and for its lovely formula. It's not sticky or slippery like most primers tend to be. Give it a try!

Have you tried any CT Skincare products yet?

xx Lisa