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YAY! It's spring. You guys know how excited I am about autumn/winter time. But spring has something magical as well. It's so fresh and beautiful. And it's all about pink tones in your makeup, and especially on your lips, (as if I need a season do wear my pinky nudes anyway). 

So today I thought I'd share with you my top picks when it comes to spring lipsticks. I hope you enjoy it and maybe even get a bit of inspiration for your next lipstick purchase.

I don't know if I should describe every shade I am showing you. I mean.. how many times do you want to hear "pinky nude". But of course, this is a beautiful pinky nude.. or as Tom Ford called it, dusky pink. I know they are pretty pricey but if you want to invest in one, this is the shade to go for!

One of my go-to shades for an everyday look. A very creamy and hydrating formula.  Not the most longlasting because of it, but it also doesn't break the bank so you can keep on reapplying without feeling guilty. 

This is one of their "Oil in Stick" versions. It feels so lovely but really doesn't last very long. It's also not the most pigmented lipstick. But if you want something very hydrating with a hint of colour, this is for you.

This one was my first and most loved liquid lipstick. It feels so light and comfortable but is longlasting at the same time. And this is one of my favourite pinky nude shades. (Yes they are all different!).

Now we will go on to my one true makeup love: Charlotte Tilbury. If you didn't expect to see any CT lipsticks in this post than you don't know me. To me, these are just superior to anything else in the makeup world. The shade "English Beauty" is a beautiful muted nude with a hint of pink. Perfection. 

This is the only non-matte CT lipstick I am currently using. I just prefer the Matte Revolution formula. But this shade is to die for. A very beautiful pink, more pink-toned than I normally wear. But it's just perfect for spring. 

I was expecting this to be way more nude than it is. It's a pretty bright pink with a hint of nude. Another shade that just screams spring and summer. I love it. 

Such a beautiful deep but muted pink. I just added this one recently to my collection and can't wait to wear it loads in the coming months. 

What are your go-to lipsticks for the springtime? 

xx Lisa