It's the time. It's finally spring. At least it finally started looking like spring, a bit. We still had loads of snow in March so I am so grateful for every bit of sunshine I can get at the moment. 

I don't know what it is about spring, but I feel like it's the time to get your life together. I guess that's why a lot of people get the urge to deep clean their home around this time of year. I do feel the same. But I like to take it a step further and not just clean out my home, but also try to tidy up almost every aspect of my life. 

So today I will share with you my favourite tips to spring clean your life.

1. The good old wardrobe clean out 
Okay this one, besides giving your kitchen a deep clean, is pretty obvious. But at least for me, it has one of the biggest effects on how I feel. I know some people have a lot of trouble letting things go. You might think "I will wear it when I will go to some tropical island.. maybe.. one day.. hopefully" or "this will look amazing when I drop the 20 pounds I wanted to lose for ages" or "I wore this the first time I went to this amazing Japanese restaurant with him and we laughed the whole night and I think I fell in love with him right there and then". Well, guess what. Even if you ever get to go on this tropical holiday or you manage to lose the weight, you can always buy something new and it will make you feel even more excited about it. And when it comes to memories, they will stay even if you give away the purple polka dot dress that you never even take out the closet to look at. And why? Because the memories are in your head, not in your closet. (The same goes for cleaning out your makeup stash, I know.. scary thing!)

2. Redecorate
It's not only about sorting things out, but it's also about changing things up. I am not someone who loves a lot of decorations and tiny things on the shelves. But why not get some new cushion covers or bed sheets? A new plant is also an amazing idea. Even the tiniest changes can make you feel energized and inspired.

3. Clean out your social media 
Well, when we spring clean our life we sometimes forget to tidy up our virtual life as well. But it's so important as well. So go to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tinder and sort through your posts, your pictures, your friends or follow list and maybe delete a few or even find some new fun and inspiring profiles to follow.

4. Update & Backup 
This is something I love to do multiple times a year and not just in spring. But a little reminder never hurts. Do all the annoying updates on your laptop, phone or tablet. And don't forget to backup if you don't have the automated backup option on. It's a small thing but it makes the biggest difference.

5. Make those appointments
Last but not least: make those appointments. You know exactly which ones I mean. The appointments you think about once a while and you promise yourself you will make them soon, but in reality, you will postpone it further and further. Be it the dentist, the gynaecologist, the allergy test you wanted to get done for ages or the appointment with your accountant that you really, really need to book soon but you really, really don't want to. Guess what, it takes a few minutes and you will feel like such a badass afterwards. 

So these are my tips on spring cleaning your life. I would love to hear yours! 

x Lisa