Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Lipsticks | Spring Edit.

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YAY! It's spring. You guys know how excited I am about autumn/winter time. But spring has something magical as well. It's so fresh and beautiful. And it's all about pink tones in your makeup, and especially on your lips, (as if I need a season do wear my pinky nudes anyway). 

So today I thought I'd share with you my top picks when it comes to spring lipsticks. I hope you enjoy it and maybe even get a bit of inspiration for your next lipstick purchase.

I don't know if I should describe every shade I am showing you. I mean.. how many times do you want to hear "pinky nude". But of course, this is a beautiful pinky nude.. or as Tom Ford called it, dusky pink. I know they are pretty pricey but if you want to invest in one, this is the shade to go for!

One of my go-to shades for an everyday look. A very creamy and hydrating formula.  Not the most longlasting because of it, but it also doesn't break the bank so you can keep on reapplying without feeling guilty. 

This is one of their "Oil in Stick" versions. It feels so lovely but really doesn't last very long. It's also not the most pigmented lipstick. But if you want something very hydrating with a hint of colour, this is for you.

This one was my first and most loved liquid lipstick. It feels so light and comfortable but is longlasting at the same time. And this is one of my favourite pinky nude shades. (Yes they are all different!).

Now we will go on to my one true makeup love: Charlotte Tilbury. If you didn't expect to see any CT lipsticks in this post than you don't know me. To me, these are just superior to anything else in the makeup world. The shade "English Beauty" is a beautiful muted nude with a hint of pink. Perfection. 

This is the only non-matte CT lipstick I am currently using. I just prefer the Matte Revolution formula. But this shade is to die for. A very beautiful pink, more pink-toned than I normally wear. But it's just perfect for spring. 

I was expecting this to be way more nude than it is. It's a pretty bright pink with a hint of nude. Another shade that just screams spring and summer. I love it. 

Such a beautiful deep but muted pink. I just added this one recently to my collection and can't wait to wear it loads in the coming months. 

What are your go-to lipsticks for the springtime? 

xx Lisa


Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Spring Shoes Edit.

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Today I will show you a few new pairs of shoes that found their way into my closet over the past couple of weeks. I have seen these beauts online first and as I was anyway going to do some "window shopping" while visiting my family I thought I'd just quickly pop into Zara and see if I like them in real life as well. And as you can see, I did. 

The first pair I picked up are these block heel beauts. I mean if they don't give you Chanel vibes, what does? I love the two-toned design which looks a bit different but because of the neutral colours, it's still a classic. (My boyfriend hates them though haha... but he is not the one who has to wear them, right?). 

Then I also got these loafers. I have been eyeing up a pair of loafers for ages. I guess I am not the only one who would love a pair of the Gucci ones. But I am not quite sure how often I would get to wear them and if they really do go with my wardrobe. So I thought it's a great idea to get a lower priced version before making wrong investments. So far I have to say I love them. They are more casual than the heels and they really go with everything in my closet. YAY!

Here I have linked a few alternatives for you.

xx Lisa


Sunday, April 15, 2018

How To Spring Clean Your Life.

It's the time. It's finally spring. At least it finally started looking like spring, a bit. We still had loads of snow in March so I am so grateful for every bit of sunshine I can get at the moment. 

I don't know what it is about spring, but I feel like it's the time to get your life together. I guess that's why a lot of people get the urge to deep clean their home around this time of year. I do feel the same. But I like to take it a step further and not just clean out my home, but also try to tidy up almost every aspect of my life. 

So today I will share with you my favourite tips to spring clean your life.

1. The good old wardrobe clean out 
Okay this one, besides giving your kitchen a deep clean, is pretty obvious. But at least for me, it has one of the biggest effects on how I feel. I know some people have a lot of trouble letting things go. You might think "I will wear it when I will go to some tropical island.. maybe.. one day.. hopefully" or "this will look amazing when I drop the 20 pounds I wanted to lose for ages" or "I wore this the first time I went to this amazing Japanese restaurant with him and we laughed the whole night and I think I fell in love with him right there and then". Well, guess what. Even if you ever get to go on this tropical holiday or you manage to lose the weight, you can always buy something new and it will make you feel even more excited about it. And when it comes to memories, they will stay even if you give away the purple polka dot dress that you never even take out the closet to look at. And why? Because the memories are in your head, not in your closet. (The same goes for cleaning out your makeup stash, I know.. scary thing!)

2. Redecorate
It's not only about sorting things out, but it's also about changing things up. I am not someone who loves a lot of decorations and tiny things on the shelves. But why not get some new cushion covers or bed sheets? A new plant is also an amazing idea. Even the tiniest changes can make you feel energized and inspired.

3. Clean out your social media 
Well, when we spring clean our life we sometimes forget to tidy up our virtual life as well. But it's so important as well. So go to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tinder and sort through your posts, your pictures, your friends or follow list and maybe delete a few or even find some new fun and inspiring profiles to follow.

4. Update & Backup 
This is something I love to do multiple times a year and not just in spring. But a little reminder never hurts. Do all the annoying updates on your laptop, phone or tablet. And don't forget to backup if you don't have the automated backup option on. It's a small thing but it makes the biggest difference.

5. Make those appointments
Last but not least: make those appointments. You know exactly which ones I mean. The appointments you think about once a while and you promise yourself you will make them soon, but in reality, you will postpone it further and further. Be it the dentist, the gynaecologist, the allergy test you wanted to get done for ages or the appointment with your accountant that you really, really need to book soon but you really, really don't want to. Guess what, it takes a few minutes and you will feel like such a badass afterwards. 

So these are my tips on spring cleaning your life. I would love to hear yours! 

x Lisa


Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Look | Spring Edit.

{This post contains products that have been sent to me as PR gifts, with no obligation to write this post}
*{This post contains affiliate links}

Today I have something special for you. I am doing a whole face of makeup only using Charlotte Tilbury products! Her brand is by far my absolute favourite out there and if I would have to choose I would happily buy her products for the rest of my life. So let's get started with my spring look...

1. Primer
You guys know how much I love my *Wonderglow Primer.. so of course, I had to use it for this look. 

2. Foundation 
For this look, I am actually using two foundations. I applied the *Light Wonder all over my face and used the *Magic Foundation in the areas where I need a bit more coverage. The perfect combination. 

3. Powder
A very hyped product by CT is the *Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder. Such a gorgeous, fine powder which sets the foundation but doesn't leave you looking too matte. Obsessed. 

4. Bronzer
For the Bronzer I am actually using the darkest *Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder and it works perfectly. If you have a warmer toned complexion this might be too ashy for you. But for me, it's just right. 

5. Contour & Highlight 
The *Hollywood Contour Duo is a new addition to my collection and I am already obsessed. The contour shade has the perfect tone and just blends in amazingly with the skin. No harsh lines anywhere. And do we have to talk about the highlight? Stunning.

I used both, the *Brow Lift pencil and the *Legendary Brows gel for ages. I could seriously not live without both of them anymore. Especially the pencil is like no other. It's not too hard, not too soft. It gives you the perfect natural looking brow. But if you want it to be a bit bolder it's definitely buildable.

1. Shadow 
This is where the fun begins. For this bronzy golden goodness, I used a mixture of the *Eyes to Mesmerise shadow in "Bette" and the two palettes *"Vintage Vamp" and *"The Golden Goddess"

2. Liner 
I used the *Rock'n'Kohl in the colour "Eye Cheat" on my waterline. I always need a nude liner there as my eyes tend to get red very quickly. This liner helps toneutralizee this. Such a godsend.

1. Liner
*"Pillow Talk". The one and only. Do I have to say anything else? 

2. Lipstick
I was going back and forth between the matte shade *"English Beauty" and the moisturising formula in the shade *"Penelope Pink". In the end, I found that the matte just goes better with the sparkly eye look. But both would be absolutely beautiful. 

How did you like this look? It's so fun to only use one brand for a whole face of makeup. I challenge you to try and do the same. 

xx Lisa

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Spring Dress Edit.

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I know I always say Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. But I also look forward to the warmer months every year, for one simple reason: You can finally show off your outfit again without having to hide under a big coat. And if you know me, you also know that I only wear dresses. Seriously.. the only pants-like things in my wardrobe are workout leggings. And trust me, if it would be socially acceptable I would probably be working out in dresses. 

So I thought it just makes sense to share with you my current favourite dresses and also a few which are still on my wishlist. I hope you enjoy!




Let me know which one is your favourite!

xx Lisa