Sunday, March 25, 2018

Five Things I Have Learned From Working At Home.

I don't know if I classify as the regular "working from home"-girl. But I would put myself in the category. At least at the moment. I am not a full-time blogger. I am actually a student, my Blog and Instagram are side jobs. So I spend three-quarter of my time working from home. Whether these are university assignments, taking pictures or sending out invoices.

So today I want to share with you five things I have learned from working from home. 

1. Setting your own schedule is amazing, but dangerous. 
I won't talk it down. Setting your own work schedule is absolutely amazing. If you don't feel great, or something super important came up in your personal life: take the day off! Without having to justify anything to your boss. Because you are your boss! Amazing, isn't it? Well, it also can have downsides. You can easily take time off, but you will find yourself working nights and nights in a row because something big came up and you still have a deadline to meet. Also, work never really ends for me. Even in the night when my boyfriend is reading articles about bikes or whatever he is currently into, I find myself replying to emails, Instagram or blog comments. This is why setting boundaries and clear schedules are so important. And I definitely have to work on that. A LOT!

2. You will have a special connection with your postman. 
What can I say.. Of course, you will end up ordering way more online because you leave your house way less. Even a small thing like a new light bulb seems so much easier to buy on Amazon than going to an actual store. AND if you happen to be a blogger, you probably end up receiving loads of PR parcels. So the relationship to your postman will be... interesting. You will meet him a lot, he might give you a confused look because he is wondering why the heck you are always at home and how do you manage to order so much stuff? 

3. Snacks, snacks and snacks.
I don't know what it is, but working from home makes me hungry all the time. Especially during exam period, I feel like I need a snack 24/7. So it is important to be prepared so you don't end up eating cereal for three meals a day. Even having a big bottle of water or iced tea helps so much. 

4. It sounds more glamorous than it is. 
I always have that romanticised picture in my head of people working from home going to coffee shops or parks all the time. Working in the middle of the crowd and just looking so important and cool. Well.. most likely you won't ever do that. Getting dressed and making yourself look presentable will seem way too exhausting... when you can stay in your oversized tee and a messy bun at home and make your own coffee (or for me: tea). 

5. People will think you don't work. 
I come across this A LOT! Most people think that if you work from home, especially when you work for yourself, you don't REALLY work. Yes, it is different to a normal office job. But then again... it's not that different. At the end of the day you have to get your shit done, you have to make money, you have to meet deadlines. It's true, you can schedule your time yourself. But with regular jobs, you go home after work and you are done. When you work for yourself you are never really done. Of course, there are exceptions to this..

What are your experiences or expectations at working from home? 

xx Lisa


Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Current Favourite Foundations.

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I always think that you don't need to spend too much money on high-end makeup. Drugstore brands can be just as good. But what I do think is worth the investment are foundations. I don't know what it is but I am yet to come across a foundation that I completely loved in the lower price segment.  Maybe you have some recommendations for me? 

In the meantime, I will share with you my current favourite high-end foundations. 

This is the foundation I have been wearing the most in the last couple of months. And I have the feeling this won't leave my collection anytime soon. To me, it has the most perfect coverage (medium), is buildable and the most important: it doesn't look unnatural. I have quite dry skin so foundations tend to emphasize those dry areas on my face. But this for some reason doesn't do it at all. Such a comfortable everyday foundation. 

A total classic in everyone's makeup collection: Estee Lauder Double Wear. I will admit this is not the most natural looking or comfortable foundation that I own. It makes my skin feel quite tight. But I love to get this out for photos or for special occasions where I want the most flawless looking skin. And it lasts ages on your skin. I am obsessed with it!

I find this one to be a good in between of the two foundations above. It has more coverage than the Lancome one but is way more comfortable than the Estee Lauder one. I love getting this out when my skin is acting up and I need the extra coverage, but I don't want to feel like my skin is drying out. 

This is my summer foundation. I do love it all year but for some reason, my skin agrees with it the most in the summer months. I tend to get quite sweaty on my face but this foundation still lasts and doesn't look weird at the end of the day. It is very glowy, very luminous and looks natural while lasting quite some time. I would say the coverage is low to medium but you can totally build it up. A must-have in everyone's collection!

What is your current go-to foundation?
xx Lisa

Sunday, March 11, 2018

My Current Coat Collection.

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One of my fave things about autumn and winter is the fashion. I just live for coats and boots. And today I want to show you my most worn coats. I narrowed it down to 4 coats and I am not including thin jackets like trench coats. I hope you enjoy a little sneak peak into my closet! 

I didn't have a black coat for ages (I know, shocking!). So I treated myself to this military coat with gold buttons. Some people might dislike the shiny details, but to me, it makes the coat even more special!

ZARA Classic Beige Coat 
This is my absolute favourite. I bought it around 2 years ago, but I know Zara brings out a similar one every year! This is the most "dressy" one. But it also looks amazing with trainers and a very laid back look. The colour is also amazing with my mostly black wardrobe... I LOVE!

This cute pink coat I mostly wear in the transitional time between summer and autumn as it is pretty thin. It definitely won't keep you that warm in winter but it is a bit cosier than a trench. The perfect transitional coat!

My latest addition is this blush pink puffer jacket by Asos. I think it's actually New Look but I got it via Asos anyway. I usually never like these kinds of jackets as they make me look way bigger. But as I moved to the south of Germany and the winters are way colder here, I needed something a bit more practical. I wasn't too excited about this when I ordered it, but when it arrived I didn't want to take it off. It's the perfect thickness without making you look huge. I adore it so much. 

You might see a pattern here. I just love blush pink coats. And I love gold hardwear.. so this one just had to be bought. It's a beaut, isn't it? Even my friends said that this is such a "Lisa" jacket when they saw it..

I got this beauty when visiting Amsterdam last year. It's more on the thin side so I wouldn't wear it when it's too cold. But I feel like it's the perfect transitional coat. It has a very oversized fit but you can belt it to make it look more fitted. Definitely one of my more "out there" coats. 

Here are the exact coats (or similar ones if I couldn't find the original) 

Which one is your fave?

xx Lisa

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Five Steps To Becoming A Morning Person.

Well, I never thought I would write a post about becoming a morning person. For the longest time, I was quite the opposite. I still feel like I am most productive in the afternoon, but that doesn't mean that I need to waste my mornings or sleep until 10am every day. 

Today I will share you with my five steps that helped me to start the day early and motivated. 

1. Take your time 
I know some people might not have the luxury to schedule extra time for themselves. But if you can, you should really take some time in the morning only for yourself. Don't scroll through your e-mails while trying to finish your breakfast as fast as you can. You will start the day stressed and your day will most likely continue the same way. Try to breathe, relax and you will be so much prepared for the day ahead. 

2. Do what makes you feel good
Whenever I read about people giving tips about what you should or should not do in the morning in order to have a productive day I feel like they are missing one key point: not everyone is the same. For me, I love taking my extra 5 minutes before I get up to scroll through Instagram or see if Asos has a few new dresses that I like. Maybe you like to meditate first thing in the morning, or you like to have an extra long shower. Do what makes you feel good. So you will dread getting up early a little less.

3. Lists
I know I keep preaching about lists all the time. But to be honest, this is the number one thing for me. I like to prepare my to-do's the evening before. And I will write the more 'uncomfortable' ones right at the top. By doing so, I force myself to start with the task that I am most dreading right in the morning and I feel SO much better the rest of the day knowing it's already done. Try it! 

4. Get enough sleep
This is an obvious one, but it's nonetheless vital. If I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep, getting up early is so much harder. So keep track of your sleeping patterns and adjust it if necessary.

5. Say 'no' to snoozing
This is a big one. I used to be the kind of person who would hit snooze 10 times before I would actually get up in hurry. Since I have disabled this function in my alarm I am so much more awake right when the alarm goes off. I think it has to do with you subconscious knowing that you don't have that "security blanket" of your alarm going again in a few minutes. If you fall back asleep then you are in trouble. Now I just grab my phone and scroll through social media while waking up. PS: Your partner will highly appreciate this change. 

Are you a morning person?
xx Lisa