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I have done a few of these "What's in my bag" posts already but I recently got a new bag and wanted to show you what it fits and what I carry around on a daily basis. 

Let's start with the bag itself. This is the "Liverpool Street" bag by Radley. I have admired their brand for ages and was so happy when they offered to send me one of their bags. The bag has one main compartment which is secured by a zip and two other compartments which can't be closed. I use the outer ones for non-valuable things like tissues, gum or my phone charger. The main compartment is great for your more valuable belongings like your wallet, phone or keys. And did you see the rose gold hardware? I LOVE IT! 

I guess this is enough information about the bag so let's start with why you all really clicked on this post.. What is in my bag? 

Well, as most people I always have my wallet*, my keys and my phone* with me. This is a standard in every bag. For a very small bag that's it. But this is more of a medium sized bag so I can pack way more than that.. and trust me if I can bring more things, I will! 

I am someone who wears sunglasses all the time. Even in winter. Okay, I won't get them out when it's dark outside or raining. But if there is only a little bit of sunshine you can be assured I will be wearing my sunnies. I just feel like they give me so much comfort and security.. Having a no makeup day? Sunnies! Don't want to talk to anyone? Sunnies! Wearing a boring outfit? Sunnies!
My current favourite that I bring everywhere are these D&G beauts*. I am obsessed!

Earphones are another must for me. Whenever I am on public transport I need to listen to music or an audiobook.. I don't know how people survive the tube or train without it.

Makeup-wise I totally sized down in recent years. I used to carry around anything I might possibly need. But now I try to focus on things that I actually use throughout the day. And these are my mirror (Chanel)*, my lipstick (currently Tom Ford "Pink Dusk"*) and my all-time fave, the Pillowtalk lipliner by Charlotte Tilbury*. I never ever touch up concealer or powder, I just feel like it makes me look worse. But I do love to refresh my perfume so I adore this little travel-sized refillable perfume spray*. My current scent is Si Intense by Armani*. 

And because the bag has so much space I also bring my very lightweight power bank by iDeal of Sweden*. So practical. 

And this is all I carry around with me on day to day basis. Sometimes I also pop an umbrella and my diary in there. The bag is seriously so roomy. 

What are your handbag essentials? 

xx Lisa