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Highlighters are some of my favourite products to buy and try out. I mean who doesn't love a glowy makeup look? I certainly do. I sometimes even overdo it a bit, so I try to shift towards more natural ones, to keep me from putting on too much. So today I will show you my absolute favourite highlighter. There is one for everyone.

This one is my oldest highlighter and still one of my favourites. It's very, very out there. You only need a little bit and you will get an amazing glow. 

I normally prefer powder highlighter but I just love to have a creamy one on hand when I want to make my highlighter stand out and last even longer. I just use a bit of this one with a powder highlighter on top and it just intensifies the glow. Love it!

This is my most worn highlighter. It has a lot of glow, without being glittery. For some reason, it glows just as much as Champagne Pop does, but looks way more natural. It's a must have that will never leave my makeup collection. 

This is the most natural highlighter I own. You can really pack this one on without looking like a light bulb. I just love it for casual days at University or errands running. You look healthy and glowy without it being "too much". (But is there ever "too much" highlighter really?)

After the Dior one, this is my go-to. Its a beautiful neutral toned shimmery highlighter without big chunks of glitter. I can totally imagine this one on any skin colour. It's such a staple!

(left to right: Revlon Highlighting Stick, Becca Champagne Pop, Dior Nude Air Luminizer, Rodial Illuminator, Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow)

What is you favourite highlighter? I would love to know!

xx Lisa