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Who else is obsessed with changing their phone cases? I always feel like I have a brand new phone every time I change the case. And it would be no surprise to you that my favourite cases are marble cases. At the moment I am all about black marble. In the summertime, I am more of a white marble kind of girl. 
I do get a lot of questions about my cases over on Instagram (@lisa.autumn). So today I will introduce you to my most favourite company when it comes to cases and general phone accessories: Ideal of Sweden*. 

I started using their cases about a year ago and could not be happier. They come out with new designs all the time. But of course, I am all about that marble and the occasional pretty floral pattern. I linked some of my faves for you below.

Something that makes them unique is that their cases are compatible with all of their other magnet accessories, such as car mounts, wallets and other holders.* 

I personally have the car phone mount*, the magnetic ring mount* and the ideal magnet*. You can use this Ideal magnet on any kind of surface. I put it in my car to easily display my phone without any kind of obvious mounts. A very elegant solution for everyone who doesn't like the obvious mounts. You can also use it to stick your phone to the fridge while you are cooking. It really is amazing! 

And the best thing: If you want to use a different phone case which you want to use with the mounts and holder, you can buy a thin metal plate* to put it in your case. And then you can use all of the other accessories as well!

Speaking of accessories. This gorgeous portable charger* and cable* also come in a lot of different patterns which you can also find in the cases. So all your tech things can be all matchy-matchy in your bag. Genious, isn't it?

If you fancy trying any of their products you can use the discount code "LISAAUTUMN" for 20% off your purchase. YAY!

xx Lisa