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There are a few things I like "collect". They are shoes, coats and of course.. bags. I normally go for a pattern and that is: all black everything. Today I want to show you my favourites that I have been wearing non-stop for the last few months. So let's start.. 

This is my latest addition and by far my current favourite. It's a suede black medium sized back with a gold chain handle. I got it a few months back from Mango (link here)*. You can either have the chain long to wear it cross-body or you double it up like in the picture. So versatile and chic. I am in love!

This one I got in the summer time from Zara (sold out). The colour choice might not be a surprise to you, but if you believe me or not.. I only own black bags so this really is special. I wear it mostly in spring/summer time. So I can't wait to get it out again in a few months. 

Another beaut I got from Zara (again.. sold out). I saw loads of people wearing this on Instagram about a year ago and I really couldn't resist. It's such a sweet cross-body bag which fits all my essentials. Never without it!

Okay, okay.. this is not sponsored by Zara, I swear! This one I got years and years ago and it's still my go-to bag for parties. It's such a classic. My essentials fit in the bag but it's so small and elegant that it goes with every outfit. A must-have everyone should own. 

Another of my latest additions, the Karl Lagerfeld camera bag*. This has been sent to me and I just love it. The subtle glitter makes it perfect for the party season. So you can imagine that this is all I wore during december! 

What are your most worn bags?

xx Lisa