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YAY! It's December. The best month of the year (besides October maybe). For my very first festive post, I wanted to do my annual Gift Guide for Him & Her. As this one will be pretty lengthy, I don't want to rumble on for too long.. so here we go! 

1. The Perfume 
A good perfume is such a classic gift for a reason. I don't know about you, but I rarely ever buy myself a new scent but I am so thrilled about receiving one. Of course, it can also be a tricky present. But if you know some scents that the person you want to gift it to loves, just go to a sales assistant and I bet they can help you. I personally love Si Intense by Armani for Her and The Scent by Hugo Boss for Him. Amazing perfumes and for sure a safe present! If you want something a bit more expensive, but also a bit more extraordinary I highly recommend Terry de Gunzburg's Terryfic Oud. A very strong unisex scent. But you should be sure that your loved one likes this kind of scent, as it's a "love it" or "hate it"- kind of a perfume. But I LOVE IT! If you have someone who likes woody, deep, oriental scents, this one is a winner. 

2. The Skincare
Luxurious skincare is something we all love, but hardly want to spend so much money on it. That's why I think high-end beauty products, including skincare, is one of the most amazing gifts you can get for him and her. Björk & Berries is one of the brands that would be perfect for that. I personally love the Cleansing Gel and the Body Serum. Another plus: it has the most gorgeous packaging. Very clean and chic.

3. The Makeup
If you have a girl or woman in your life that loves makeup: I promise you, you won't go wrong with a bit of Charlotte Tilbury under the tree. This will always be a winner! Some of my favourite products are
You can find a lot of great gifts here: CT Gifts.

1. The Phone Case
Who doesn't love a fancy new phone case? I personally always feel like I have a brand new phone in my hand when I only just got a new cover. You all know I am a huge fan of Ideal of Sweden.  They have a huge selection of amazing cases (and more!) for Him & Her. Definitely worth to check out. By the way, you can use my code "lisaautumn" for 20% off.

2. The Water Bottle
If you are looking for a small gift a stylish water bottle is the way to go. I carry around my Healthish bottle everywhere. If you want to get one for yourself or gift it to someone you can use my code "LISA10" for a 10% discount. Another great present for Him & Her.

3. The Stationery 
As Christmas is right at the end of the year, some new stationary is one of the best gifts you can get for someone. It's the time to organise your life so a new calendar or notebook comes in so handy. If you want something very cute and stylish I recommend Jo&Judy Stationery. I have loved their products since years and I am sure you and your loved ones will too.

1. The Earphones
I can't speak for everyone but I know tech gifts are always such a winner with the men in my life. If it's your brother, a friend, boyfriend or your dad. They all seem to enjoy a bit of technology under the tree. Of course, girls can be the same but as I said, I can only speak from my experiences. The Sudio earphones are extremely well designed but are still at a reasonable price point. A great gift for Him & Her.  You can get 15% discount with my code "lisa_autumn15".

2. The Smart Home 
The same goes for Smart Home products. They are perfect for anyone in your life that loves technology. I know my boyfriend would go crazy for them. You can start with an Amazon Echo device or Philips Hue lights. It's definitely worth to look into these if you are looking for something a bit more pricey in the tech department. 

1. The Watch
Another classic gift is the watch. And can you go any more classic than a beautiful Daniel Wellington watch? I certainly would be very excited to find one of their boxes under the tree this year. You can get a 15% discount by using my code "LISAAUTUMN15". They also have a great Christmas offer where you can choose your own gift set with a watch and a cuff or a second watch strap and an additional 10% discount. The perfect time to treat yourself or someone else to this special gift.

2. The Jewellery 
What would a gift guide be without any jewellery? If you have been with me for a while you know one of my favourite places to shop unique and reasonable priced jewellery is Audaviv.. you will for sure find something for a special woman in your life.

3. The Cashmere Pieces
If you are looking for a special and luxurious gift some cashmere pieces are a great idea. But they can be quite expensive. Next is the perfect place to shop these reasonably priced, yet luxurious gifts. This beige cashmere scarf and the gloves are a gorgeous gift for anyone who values quality and comfort. I am a huge fan of these.

4. The Loungewear
An easy and low priced gift is loungewear. I always get excited about a new robe or some new pyjamas as I can spend the next few days in them and relax (and eat my bodyweight in chocolate of course). This Next robe and the cashmere socks are everything I would dream of.

5. The Lingerie 
A gift which is mainly for Her, but also a bit for Him is lingerie. If you want something romantic with lace or something sporty and simple, Loungeunderwear is the perfect brand for you. I already own multilple sets of their collections and they are just stunning and also stand the test of time when you wash them over and over again. I mean, just look at them.. are they not dreamy?

xx Lisa

{This Post was written in collaboration with Notino, Charlotte Tilbury, NicheBeauty, Sudio, Daniel Wellington, Audaviv, Next UK, Loungeunderwear, IdealOfSweden, Jo&Judy and Healthish)