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Who else just lives for autumn/winter fashion? It is just so much more fun than summer clothing. I adore boots, coats, scarves.. you name it. Today I want to share with you my staples when it comes to boots in the colder months. Let's go! 

This one has to be my number one staple. It is so versatile and easy to throw on. And the most important: comfortable. Because they are so flat I love to wear them on a daily basis. In these, I don't get any blisters even when I run around the city the whole day. But I have to say some Chelsea boots need some breaking in. These ones are so soft and cushioned, that they feel like a cloud. Absolute recommendation.

This is a more dressy boot. I usually wear this one in the evenings or on days where I know I don't have to walk non-stop. With that being said, they are still extremely comfortable for a heel. I know some of you might think this isn't even a "proper" heel, but trust me.. everything above 2cm hurts my feet but these don't. A godsend.

When I am not in the mood for a pointy boot, I love this pair. The heel is a bit higher, but they are so so flattering. I love to pair them with black tights and dresses. Also, they are my boyfriends fave. Another staple every girl should have in their wardrobe.

What are your go-to shoes at the moment? I would love to know!

xx Lisa