Going to university, Blogging, Instagramming and working out almost daily can be a bit overwhelming at times. Especially if you don't want to "half-ass" things and you want to give your all to each and every single thing you are doing in your life. For you, it might not be the exact same constellation. Maybe you have multiple jobs, maybe you have children. Whatever it is, juggling the duties and the fun parts of your life can be stressful and time-consuming. That's why it is important to be productive with your time. When you schedule your tasks wisely you will be surprised to see how much more you can fit in your day. Even if it is more "me time". 

So today I want to share with you my 5 Tips on how to be more productive. 

1. Say no (sometimes).
Well, that sounds a bit counterproductive, doesn't it?
But think about it. How often have you said yes to something, whether it was an event or just another work task, which you didn't necessarily have to do and you even knew it would put so much more on your already full plate. But you felt like you couldn't say no? Well, I am here to tell you it is okay to say no from time to time. I think it's even healthy. Yes, if you have nothing to do and your colleague asks you if you can step in for him for a day because something came up, totally do it! But if you already know you will have to work late and you also have other important appointments, maybe try and find another solution. You don't have to be rude, be understanding and explain your situation. Everyone understands how busy life can get. The same goes for social obligations. Your friends will understand when you can't make it. In fact, they will be so much happier when you meet them and you have actually time to talk to them rather than staring at your phone replying to your emails. So make time when you actually can, not when you think you have to. 

2. Take time for yourself.
Another point which sounds quite odd. Let me explain. Making time for yourself, and I mean, really time for yourself, not writing emails while watching Gossip Girl, is so crucial. You will be so much more relaxed and therefore so much more focused when you get back to work. And guess what? That will make you even more productive. An hour of extremely focused working on a project can be so much more beneficial than staring at the time schedule and unanswered emails for hours because you are overwhelmed with everything. So give yourself a bit more time to unwind, you will be surprised how much more productive you will work. 

3. To-do lists are key.
You know that overwhelming feeling having so many thoughts and tasks in your head and you don't know where to start? Writing it down is the answer. Having a list that you can follow is so important. Somehow I feel like I make more room in my head by writing down what I have to do. Like I "delete" my internal list and therefore have space for actual productive thoughts. So if you are not a fan of lists, maybe try a different kind? I personally love writing on actual paper, lists on my phone just confuse me. But maybe that's exactly what works for you. Just give it a go! You can even try and structure your list according to different projects, your private life, admin things and so on. 

4. Clean space, clean mind.
This one is more of a subjective topic. I heard there are people who work the best in a 'creative mess'. But even imagining this gives me a headache. I need my surroundings to be organised and clean. Dirty dishes in the sink or a pile of laundry that is waiting to be folded and stored in the closet are the death to my productivity. So before I start working I need to tidy. I think I even drive my boyfriend mad with that but I can't help it. I can be so much more focused when everything else is organised. How is that for you? Creative mess or clean space?

5. Sundays are golden.
I know I have said to take more time for yourself and Sundays are mostly the day we like to take off and relax. And you still can! I just love to take 30 minutes every Sunday to plan my week ahead. I just look over the appointments I have, the goals I have to achieve and maybe start writing my to-do lists. This way I start fresh and motivated into the new week.

What are your tips? 

xx Lisa