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I do love a red lip, occasionally. But one thing you will see me wearing most of the time is a nude lipstick. I just love the classic look. It's the most natural lip shade you could choose, without being completely natural. Today I want to show you my nude lipstick collection. After taking these photos I realised how similar all of these look. But I promise they are SO different. My boyfriend would for sure roll his eyes when reading this but I bet most of you girls agree! I will go from left to right. 

1. L'Oreal Paris "Blush in a Rush"*
This has been such a hyped shade. Normally I don't go for drugstore lipsticks but when I saw everyone talk about it I just caved in. Yes, I blame you, Lydia Elise Millen! A gorgeous pinky matte nude. Perfect for summer.

2. Tom Ford "Pink Dusk"*
This is a bit darker and less matte than the L'Oreal one. I adore this shade, it is so versatile and I can wear it with everything and it fits in every season. The price is quite heavy though, so I try not to use it every day.

3. Chanel "Adrienne"*
This one I got after seeing it on Anna from the Anna Edit. This is a bit different for me, as it has more of a beige undertone than a pink one which I normally gravitate to. The finish is very shiny but not glittery or gloss-like. Because of the finish, it doesn't last too long. But the colour is such a staple in every makeup collection.

4. Armani "Nuda"*
This is the most natural colour on me. It seriously is my lips but better. Therefore it looks extremely natural. I put this on whenever I go for a very natural makeup look and when I don't want to look too "done". This will never leave my makeup collection.

1. Charlotte Tilbury "Pillow Talk"*
Now we start with my Charlotte Tilbury nudes. My personal fave is for sure Pillow Talk. The lipliner with the same name was so hyped, so I had to try the lipstick version right when it came out. Again, a very muted pinky nude. The matte finish makes it last for ages without feeling weird. I LOVE.

2. Charlotte Tilbury "Kim K.W."*
Okay, I have to admit I mainly got this one because of Kim. I mean she is the queen of a nude lip, so everyone should own this one, right? It is a very light true nude. No major pink or brown undertones. Such a classic. For me, it is a bit too light so I like to wear it very lightly and rub it in with my finger. Then it is really gorgeous.

3. Charlotte Tilbury "Very Victoria"* 
This is the very first lipstick I got from CT. Again, a gorgeous matte finish. The nude itself is a bit darker and very cool toned. Very modern as those cool, almost grey toned nudes are so in trend right now. I love it with a brown eyeshadow look.

4. Charlotte Tilbury "Nude Kate"* 
This one is quite a popular shade, but for me a bit of a fail purchase. It is way too warm and orange toned for my skin tone. It makes me look super weird like something is off with my face. I still keep it because I love it on everyone else. Maybe I am secretly hoping that my complexion would change haha.

This one has huge sentimental value for me. I got this when I first met my boyfriend and wore it 24/7 at the time. It is a very glossy brown nude. It's way lighter on the lips as it is in the picture because the colour payoff is not great. I don't wear it that much anymore. I am more into the pinky nudes these days. But I would never ever get rid of this one.

This is another one of my go-to pinky nudes. The formula is amazing. So creamy but pretty long lasting. The pigmentation is also amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

If I want a very glossy nude, I go for this one. It is very light, very shiny and so lovely to wear. Unfortunately, the lasting power is pretty bad. But this is to be expected with this kind of lipsticks. 

After wearing Desirable so so much, I wanted a true nude with the same formula. This one is a bit more beige and warm toned than your very true nude but I love wearing it. Again, the texture and comfort are amazing. I can't wait to wear it even more in autumn and winter. 

What are your go-to nude lipsticks? I would love to know!

xx Lisa