When I was a little girl I always thought I would be 20 and that's it. Not in a sense "I wouldn't make it past 20" more in a way that this was such a big number and I could never imagine being older than that. 20-year-olds were so mature, so wise and SO OLD in the eyes of a naive 10-year old. Well, here I am.. clearly made it past 20. Today I actually became 25 years old. 

I know, I know.. it's just a number. I personally don't even like birthdays that much. I am not someone who craves attention. But I do like to see my loved ones and go out for dinner or something. I just try to stay away from Birthday-Partys for myself.. thanks but no thanks. But I do like to reflect on my past year. What have I learned, how have I changed? 

Today I thought I would go through the major points with you. 

1. You don't have to have everything figured out.
That's a big one. I always thought I will have everything figured out in my mid-twenties. I'll be married, maybe even planning on having children soon. I will have a house and my dream career. Well, that's not how life goes for most of the people and that's more than okay. I would even say it's great! Your twenties are here to try and to fail. To plan and then to scratch those plans and make even bigger plans. Today I am still going to university, doing my masters in economics. My dream is to work in Marketing for a big technological company.. or maybe stay in the beauty/fashion industry? Who knows.. Time will show! I am far away from getting married, but I do have the most amazing boyfriend who picks me up when I am down, and who pushes me to pursue my dreams. If you ask me, that's so much more important than having a ring on your finger. Children are for sure so far from my mind.. maybe in 5,6 years.. but for now I still feel like a child myself. But does that ever change for anyone?

2. Vegetarianism is great.
Okay, this is not necessarily something I have learned this year. I have been a veggie for a couple of years now but this year I feel like I am embracing it even more. People always ask me why I stopped eating meat. Some people do it for health reasons but for me, it's for sure the ethical side of things. Don't worry! I won't give you a preach right now. All I want to say is that I have never been so comfortable living without meat and fish. Earlier I sometimes wouldn't tell people even if the topic came up. I felt like vegetarianism had some kind of stigma. Maybe the times have changed maybe I have changed. But I love it!

3. Invest in experiences, rather than things.
I know this sounds like a cliche. But when I was younger I would trade a family holiday for a new pair of boots ANY TIME. A bit embarrassing to admit haha. But I was very very very materialistic. Don't get me wrong, I still love clothes, bags, shoes and makeup. But I try to cut back massively. At the moment I just wish I could be on a city trip to NY or London, with my favourite people. This to me is pure happiness now. A fab pair of boots is just a little extra sprinkle of happiness. 

4. Aspire to be the better version of yourself - Not a copy of someone else.
I have lost quite a lot of weight a few years back. And I hate to admit my main motivation wasn't getting healthier (which thank god I did!) but it was getting thinner. But the reality is, that picture you have in your head of what you want to look like, that's most likely not gonna happen. Okay, don't get demotivated yet. I just mean, where does this picture come from? Most probably from Instagram, Youtube or a magazine. Definitely, you saw that body on someone else. Because IT IS SOMEONE ELSE'S BODY! It's not you. That doesn't mean you can't become fit and toned. Hell YES you can! But maybe you can't have that big butt like Kylie or these abs and the almost non-existent hips you saw on Gigi. And that is fine! Accept how your body works, how it's shaped and work with that. I personally always admired very petite, thin girl. The ones that have a very straight figure. Well, apparently that's not me. And that is totally fine. My hips are curved, my butt and my boobs are more prominent but my waist is relatively small. There is no way I can change that without getting surgery. But I can get fitter, stronger and more toned. So aspire to be the better version of yourself, not a copy of someone else. 

5. Sometimes, feeling stuck is a blessing.
It pushes you to change something in your life. And change is really what keeps life interesting, what makes it colourful and vibrant. But we all know how easy it is to avoid change, out of pure fear. But feeling stuck helps with that. It is the little push you needed to overcome your fear and just go for it. Move to the different side of your country or even the world. Change your job, maybe even change your career? End relationships that are bad for you and make room for new ones. So maybe see this feeling as the start of something new and the push you needed to make that change you wanted for some time. 

Okay, this is it for now. I didn't think these points would turn out so long. I had a few more on my list to discuss but I will save them for a different post. 

I hope you liked reading something a bit different from me! 

Have a great day.

xx Lisa