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Armani is one of my favourite brands when it comes to beauty. I am the biggest fan of their foundations. You really have to try the Lasting Silk and the Luminous Silk foundation, such a dream! But I don't want to talk about makeup. Today it's all about their latest perfume launch for him & her. 

"Because it's you" is the scent for her. I already loved the Armani Si` perfume, so I was excited when I got asked if I want to try their latest launch. And this one is not a disappointment. At first, it smells fresh and fruity with hints of neroli and raspberry. After some time the scent is a bit "deeper" with vanilla and musk notes. How gorgeous does that sound? I love everything that has vanilla in it.. so it's a winner for me! 

"Stronger with you" is the version for him. I can't tell you too much about this, but what I can say is: I am OBSESSED with this smell. I basically want my boyfriend to wear it 24/7. It is such a sexy, yet elegant perfume. For me, this is the ultimate scent for a guy. And yes, he also likes it (not that it matters haha). 

BTW.. the rings around the double rings on the bottle are a symbol of two bodies wrapped around each other. With that Armani wants to show an alliance that balances and empowers. Such a lovely idea. 

What is your current favourite perfume? I love to discover new ones!

xx Lisa