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So today I am excited to tell you about some new watches that found their way into my collection, and I am talking about the Henry London timepieces. 

You all know, especially if you follow my Instagram (@lisa.autumn) that I am obsessed with watches, so when I randomly found their Instagram (@henrywatches) I FELL IN LOVE! Their designs are everything I am looking for in a watch: modern, but still classic, chic and luxurious. So I am so happy to finally have got my hands on some. So I needed to share them with you guys. 

The first in my collection is this oversized rose gold beauty, Richmond HL41-CM-0040*. I love watches which are bigger and kind of look like you stole them from your boyfriend's closet. So this was love at first sight! 

For the second one, I wanted a total timeless classic one, the Richmond HL39-CS-0036*. And what is more classic than a black leather strap and a white face? Of course, I had to go for my beloved rosegold again.. haha I just can't help it!

Last but definitely not least is a more petite model, for the occasions where I need a more understated and elegant piece on my wrist. For this, I chose the Finchley HL34-SS-0200*.

By the way, if you live in Germany the easiest way to get hold of your own Henry London watch is Zalando*. They have an amazing variety.. below I will show you my favourites. Maybe I will get some more in the future? Let's see. I also feel like I need a silver one and gold of course.. Oh, can I just have all of them? Get 20% off with the code "LISA20" on the Henry London website. Happy Shopping!

xx Lisa

{This post was written in collaboration with Henry London}