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I sometimes wear rings, I sometimes wear watches but something that you will always see on me are necklaces. And most of the time I will wear the same ones over and over again. I get so many questions about my worldmap necklace everytime you can see it on Instagram, so I thought I would sit down and write a post about where I usually shop my necklaces. 

The three necklaces you see in the picture are the only ones I wear. Most of the time I pair the small one with either the zodiac or the worldmap necklace. I just love layering!

So, the Zodiac and the worldmap necklace I got from Stilnest. The worldmap one, I already have for more than a year and have been wearing it non stop. And when I say non stop.. I mean it. I would sleep with it, shower with it.. everything! I also got a little "S" engraved on it, that's for my boyfriend's name. The quality is still amazing and that's why I decided to pick up a second one. This time I went for the zodiac necklace in the slightly longer version. You can get both in three different lengths. I have S and M. They also have both these necklaces in silver, gold and rosegold. So there will be something for everyone!

By the way, there is a huge sale going on on some zodiac necklaces. Just click here, and enter the code GEMINI20 at the checkout for 20% discount. It is valid until the 21st of June. So hurry!

Last but not least I have this dainty little Necklace from Missoma*. I wear this one every day since I got it. It is so small and beautiful that I can pair it with everything.. so simple. On this one I have a "L" and "S" engraved on each side. Again, their quality is amazing. Definetly worth a little splurge!

Where do you like to shop necklaces or jewellery in general?
xx Lisa